One of 320 c excavator carter fault analysis

by:HMB     2021-01-30
Carter drivers 320 c oil temperature is too high?>>> Buy accessories carter & lt; < < Excavators in the process of using a lot of drivers met & other The problem of high oil temperature & throughout; Due to the oil temperature is too high and even lead to the & other; Machinery to produce thermal deformation, thermal expansion coefficient of different moving parts in hydraulic components due to its smaller fit clearance and stuck, cause action failure, affect the hydraulic system of transmission precision, deterioration in quality parts work. ” A series of problems, such as analysis of the causes: 1 excavator hydraulic oil for a long time without replacement 2 hydraulic pump failure 3 PC board failure or set the wrong 4 tank volume is too small, the cooling area is not enough, not installed oil cooling unit, or is a cooling device but its capacity is too small solution: 1 if you excavator hydraulic oil more than 6000 hours without replacement, you must replace the hydraulic oil 2 by professionals to debug/repair hydraulic pump repair, computer board to reset or 4 installed capacity to match the tank cooling device. • Fault solution mining oil down excavator carter in the process of use, many drivers reactions are mining the symptoms of low oil pressure. Excavator symptoms: excavator oil pressure is insufficient, the crankshaft and bearing, cylinder liner and piston will aggravate wear due to bad lubrication. Cause analysis: 1, oil pump, oil oil less than 2 don't turn 3, and 4 oil radiator leakage, pressure sensor failure or oil plugging, oil brand not appropriate solutions: 1 oil increased the amount of oil, 2 remove check of oil pump, check the wear condition of 3 to 4 / repair oil radiator to check the recent oil pressure sensor for maintenance 5 grades is matching with your machine.
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