On the impact of fuel on excavator parts 12 kinds of situations

by:HMB     2021-01-20

fuel oil is the blood of the excavator, provide power for excavators. In order to ensure that your excavator parts running smoothly, should pay attention to the following points.

1。 Under extreme conditions, such as high pressure and high temperature, fuel on engine and excavator accessories hydraulic unit continues to worsen.

2。 Recommend the type of fuel shall also be applicable in extreme temperature environment.

3。 In the specified fuel oil change interval, the fuel must be replaced, even if it is not dirty.

4。 Lubricant should be handled carefully to prevent impurities such as water, dust and metal particles with excavator accessories.

5。 Machine failure is mainly caused by impurities. Pay special attention to prevent any impurities into fuel.

6。 In accordance with the provisions, refueling. If you do not, it may cause an exception.

7。 don't mix different levels or brand of fuel.

8。 When the fuel when the job is equipment by water or air pollution timely contact service.

9。 To understand the status of the machine, it is recommended that the analysis of fuel quality on a regular basis.

10。 When related to change the fuel filter element must be replaced.

11。 Don't use 3 without products hydraulic oil, prevent damage of inferior product excavator accessories.

12。 Replacing excavator accessories hydraulic oil as much as possible to remove residual fuel oil.

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