Oil filter installation method

by:HMB     2021-01-29
The role of the oil filter is to filter impurities contained in the oil, pectin and water, to the lubrication parts clean engine oil, extend the service life and plays an important role in the construction machinery. Oil filter has simple structure, the internal filter paper, and some important parts from appearance is also difficult to separate. Oil filter replacement steps: 1, the discharge waste engine oil, the discharge of waste oil in the tank first, placed at the bottom of the sump oil container, old bolt hit open oil, discharge waste engine oil. Emissions of engine oil to make the oil drop as much as possible when a period of time, to ensure that the emissions of waste oil clean. 2, demolition of the old oil filter, below the vessel to the machine of the old oil filter, remove the old filter. Be careful not to let the waste oil dirty inside the machine. 3, the oil filter before the installation of preparatory work, there are two kinds of oil filter installation way, common is installed vertically, there are many small digging machine filter is horizontal installation. Installation method is different, so there are two kinds of filled with oil. Vertical installation of oil filter, it is through a pipeline to access to the oil pump, the installation generally recommend that users more filled with oil in the replacement filter to filter. If new filter is not filled with oil, the new filter inside can produce air resistance, the car cause machine within a short time without oil lubrication, can cause structural wear. Vertical installation method has the advantage that the sealing of the filter has better few oil leakage occurs. Horizontal installation of oil filter, it is not through the pipeline, directly connected to the oil pump, the design in the petrol tank filling oil filter inside the machine will not produce air resistance, filter before installation does not need to refill the oil in advance, at the same time of injected fresh oil to the oil box, oil filter can directly fill the engine oil. 4, install the new oil filter, check the oil filter installation position of oil outlet, and clean up the dirt and residual waste oil. Before installation, first on the oil outlet position set of sealing ring, and then put the new machine filter screwed up slowly, machine filter don't twist too tight, the general situation is tight, with the hand with a wrench screw 3/4 circle. Pay attention to install the new filter, using the wrench screw do not force too much, otherwise easy to damage the filter inside the sealing ring, sealing effect, caused no filtering effect. 5, the oil tank filling the new oil, the new oil into the oil tank, when necessary, to use a funnel, prevent pour oil on the outside of the engine. After filling, check for leaks engine lower again.
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