No dry when excavator engine starting these things!

by:HMB     2021-01-17
After buying the excavator, a lot of improper operation will accelerate excavator attachments of wear and damage of excavator. Small make up list some excavator engine starting today some behavior is forbidden, for everybody reference. Banned carts starting engine in cold pulling the car engine oil viscosity under the condition of starting, excavator parts exacerbate the movement between the wear and tear, thus reduce the service life of the locomotive.

is prohibited without coolant or add boiling water and coolant after starting the engine starting, can make the hot cylinder liner, cylinder head and other important components due to the sudden encounter cold cracking or deformation; Within the body to cold suddenly applied lOO ℃ boiled water, also can shock crack cylinder head and the body, should stay when coolant temperature dropped to 60 ~ 70 ℃ and add. Ban fire the oil pan and the inlet pipe fire starting to prevent fire, application soft fire, coal fire in a certain distance baking engine oil pan, slowly rotate the crankshaft at the same time, let the oil evenly heat, make each part have been lubrication. If a fire starting in the engine intake pipe, can make the material burning ash and hard sundries sucked into the cylinder, intake and exhaust door closed lax caused to speed up the cylinder wear. Not according to the time limit for use shall be prohibited oil and fuel in the winter, if not timely change with low viscosity oil and fuel, are difficult to start the engine.

prohibited to add oil to add oil cylinder cylinder directly, can have the effect of sealing pressurization warming, is advantageous for the diesel engine cold starting, but cannot complete combustion engine oil, easy to produce carbon deposit, lessened the flexibility of piston ring and cylinder sealing performance; In addition, will also accelerate the gas excavator parts of cylinder liner wear, resulting in a decline in the power of the engine, make it more difficult to start, so can't directly to add oil cylinder. Long time shall be forbidden to use the electric plug, flame preheater electro-thermal plug, flame preheater of the heating element for heating wire, its power consumption and heat output is very big, use for a long time can damage because of rapid discharge of battery, at the same time also can burn out heating wire. So the glow plug each continuous use time not more than 1 min, flame preheater each continuous use time to control within 20 s. Banned for a long time for starting the engine starter is under the condition of the low voltage, high current work, use for a long time will damage the battery. The continuous working time shall not exceed the lOs; Not a starter, should every 15 s to start again.

banned direct gasoline pumped into the air inlet pipe gas ignition point was lower than those of diesel, before diesel combustion. So directly to the gas inlet pipe, and can make the engine work rough and produces strong knocking phenomenon, serious when still can happen engine inversion. Ban just starting just high speed engine starting, the oil temperature is low, the liquidity is poor, high-speed operation immediately, easy to cause the movement parts excavator attachments sharply due to lack of lubrication and wear, serious when still can happen tile burning shaft.

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