New standards, increasing subsidies, and strict law enforcement: Beijing governance high emission car power!

by:HMB     2021-01-21

【 Linqing bucket axis 】

by the Beijing municipal environmental protection bureau held a conference, for strict with heavy duty diesel emission law enforcement inspection, Beijing established & other; Heavy duty vehicle and on-board diagnosis system ( OBD) Standard & throughout; “ Heavy duty truck nitrous oxide ( NOx) A quick test and the limit method & throughout; Places such as standard, will be released in the near future.

in addition, the Beijing municipal environmental protection bureau commissioner of motor vehicles, Li Kunsheng said, in order to promote the Beijing high emissions of old diesel truck out updates, September 21 to September 20, 2019, during the transfer of scrap or before July 1, 2013 diesel freight car owners, can receive the highest amount of government subsidies of $100000.

the heavy duty diesel vehicles accounted for 4% of the city's motor vehicle ownership in Beijing, the emission of nitrogen oxides and particulate emission accounted for more than 50% and 90% of the total. Coupled with outgoing into Beijing, transit the pollutant emissions by the heavy duty diesel vehicles, heavy duty diesel governance has become the Beijing motor vehicle emission pollution control priority.

Li Kunsheng introduction, in 2017, Beijing is given priority to with heavy duty diesel vehicles, & other; Change, limit, check & throughout; More measures and vigorously promotes the motor vehicle pollution control. It is a comprehensive supply & other; Beijing six & throughout; Standard petrol and diesel; The second is the city's 8000 use three yuan catalysts for more than two years the taxi all replacement; Third, as of the end of November, phase out old motor vehicle 44. 70000, significant excess of 300000 annual task; Four is published on the part of the announcement of the truck traffic management measures ', this year on September 21, reach the Ⅲ standard heavy duty diesel vehicles, ban into six circuits throughout the day ( ) ; Five is to implement & other Environmental forensics, public security penalties & throughout; Mode of law enforcement, in mouth into Beijing to intensify regulation punishment of the heavy duty truck.

the 'notice', stressed that confirmed by the administrative department to ensure production and living needs of Beijing's outgoing Ⅲ transportation vehicles and vehicle transport of fresh farm products Ⅲ transport vehicles to give the kingdom of the transition period for two years. All into six circuits (after the expiration of the time ) Diesel trucks, road within shall be Ⅳ and over discharge standard for the country.

in the road mobile machinery, since December 1, 2017 implementation of Beijing & other; Lower row area throughout the &; Policy, namely: Beijing jingshi ( Do not contain) Within the area, tongzhou district, Beijing economic and technological development zone administrative areas of administrative regions to ban the use of high emissions than the area of mobile machinery, road in the area of mobile machinery must reach the Ⅲ and over discharge standard.

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