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by:HMB     2021-01-16

excavator accessories factory has been paid close attention to in construction machinery industry 5 g applications, at the end of 2018 the economic work conference, increase the manufacturing technological transformation and equipment renewal, quicken the steps of 5 g commercial, strengthen the artificial intelligence, industry, the Internet, Internet and other new infrastructure.

since then, & other; New infrastructure & throughout; The concept of fame. This new concept, have both & other; Steady growth & throughout; And & other Promote innovation & throughout; Double duty, at the same time, also promote economic & other; Throughout the old and new &; Kinetic energy conversion. Excavator accessories manufacturers think that relative to the railways, highways, Bridges, water conservancy projects and other traditional & other; Infrastructure & throughout; , & other; New infrastructure & throughout; Mainly refers to the power in the science and technology infrastructure, including seven areas:

5 g infrastructure, uhv, inter-city high-speed railway and inter-city rail transit, new energy automobile charging pile, big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet industry.

a little bit, excavator accessories manufacturers to new construction vary in different institutions in analysis and interpretation of 5 g is recognized as & other; New infrastructure & throughout; In the lead. “ From the perspective of the industry scale of future undertaking, 5 g will be worth looking forward to the direction of the new technology in the development of our country each big emerging industries, such as on the Internet, networking, industrial enterprises in the cloud, artificial intelligence, remote medical treatment and so on, all need to 5 g as industry support. ”

' In recent years, China's information and communications industry driven by innovation and development, adhere to the enterprise main body and the government leading, independent innovation and the combination of opening up and cooperation, promote 5 g r &d and industrialization. In the concerted efforts of the parties, significant results were obtained in the development of Chinese 5 g, already have commercial industrial base. ”

in 5 g of a-share big hot long are subdivided sectors. The boom of the rising steadily, the increasingly fierce competition in the construction machinery industry, the number of host manufacturers also have been targeting 5 g fresh mouth, began to strategic layout. Avio komatsu ( KOMATSU) , doosan engineering machinery, hyundai heavy industries, Volvo construction equipment, Ann best TaYe have announced plans to 5 g communication technology cooperation, and part has been completed test.

excavator accessories manufacturers think compared with 4 g, 5 g technology standard represents a notable progress and that is its core investment logic lies in: the former in order to meet the interpersonal communication network as the main scene, 5 g network will meet all requirements of the Internet. 5 g communication network of low latency and high broadband three characteristics can with the remote driving effective matching:

& other; 5 g remote driving will make many seemingly impossible possible construction scene, users can never leave home to real-time manipulation of the excavator, thousands of miles from home, can be not affected by time, and the influence of climate, environment, promote the construction schedule.

' After the rock blasting, the customer will not need to let the operator to enter again after several hours of ventilation, on the contrary, can be used by remote control equipment, eliminate hidden dangers at the same time, reduce downtime. ”

5 g of remote driving goal is clear: greatly increased production efficiency, cost savings, and to ensure the construction site operating smoothly.

recently, minister of the ministry MiaoWei said that 2019 will be held in several cities send 5 g temporary license, enables large-scale network in some cities and take the lead to achieve the hot region, at the same time, accelerate the process of the industrialization of the terminal and network construction. 5 g commercial landed just around the corner.

the excavator spare parts manufacturers from 5 g construction cycle, widely expected 5 g for the construction of the cycle in 6 ~ 8 years, there are 4 ~ 5 times industry future size increment of space, is 2021 ~ 2022 is expected to be 5 g the outbreak of the industrial chain stocks performance period.

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