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by:HMB     2021-01-16

excavator accessories manufacturer notice, recently released '2018 nanjing environmental protection target task', in the blue sky project made clear a cure gas task & ndash; — Strengthen the regulation of emissions of road mobile machinery, the highway-ring around requirements G2501 banning the use of high emissions within the scope of the road through mobile machinery, according to the principle of local administrator, strict supervision of the use of mobile machinery clean oil and exhaust conditions. This is the first time in nanjing clear high emissions than road mobile machinery is disabled. Excavator, a high emissions exhaust pollution of 50 cars the way mobile machinery mainly includes: work under the constant speed of diesel engine, industrial drilling equipment, engineering machinery, Including loaders, bulldozers, road roller, asphalt paver, off-road trucks, excavators, forklifts, etc. ) , agricultural machinery, Including the large tractor and combine harvester, etc. ) , forestry machinery, material handling machinery, etc. ; Work under constant speed of diesel engine, air compressor, generator set, fishery machinery ( Aerator, pond excavators, etc. ) , water pump, etc. ; And small spark ignition engine, lawn machine, chain saw, generator, water pump, cutting machine, etc. Excavator accessories expert introduction, the blind road pollution mobile machinery is always environmental regulation, because it USES a wide range, high utilization rate. “ The road mobile machinery mainly is caused by the exhaust gas pollution. Because mechanical old, emission, coupled with the use of inferior oil, pollution is very serious. ” Experts say that regular gas station in nanjing sales of diesel has reached five standards, rather than the road in order to save costs, the use of mobile machinery unit by purchasing some abnormal channel, is unlikely to do LianGuoSan standard.

the road emissions from mobile machinery is large, our country has a regulation, the requirements of these mechanical exhaust must meet the three standards, lower than the standard machinery, while using exhaust emission of 50 & ndash; 80 cars.

to improve the product grade, throughout the city block inferior oil

nanjing automobile emission regulation center, nanjing mobile machinery for the road of pollution prevention work started from the year before. In August last year, the center commissioned industrial cooperative association of jiangsu province machinery and equipment management center, within the scope of the nanjing focus on engineering machinery holdings ( Use) Units and individuals, engineering machinery and equipment of road engineering machinery sales units and how to carry out comprehensive work of report and registration. This is the first time in nanjing in order to establish the parameter of mobile machinery, mechanical model, emissions standards, use the unit must declare one by one. According to the screen, the use of the road in nanjing mobile machinery more than 2100 units, the quantity is considerable.

excavators, tractors, started up at the black smoke, strong pungent smell. Excavator accessories manufacturers understand, cause the road to move a large mechanical exhaust is the important cause of inferior oil & ndash; — Using high sulfur content of diesel fuel, the diesel oil used as the most typical is the smoke. Therefore, nanjing to carry out the work of road mobile machinery pollution prevention first improve the oil level from the beginning. Since November last year, the city began in the city center of motor vehicle emission regulation law enforcement officers spot check, it is prohibited to use inferior diesel, and cooperate with public security, industry and commerce departments such as truncation of inferior oil sales channels.

this year to complete the local legislation, high pollution emissions of machinery face heavy penalties

according to introducing, the environmental protection department of high emissions of road mobile machinery mainly refers to the emissions do not meet the three standards of machinery. Since last year, trying to identify the road throughout the city of nanjing mobile machinery emission level, realize that the three standards of less than twenty percent. According to the 2018 nanjing environmental protection target task, round high-speed range will not be allowed to use this kind of emissions is not standard machine. Motor vehicle emission regulation center, center for law enforcement officers will cooperate with construction committee, traffic transportation, urban management bureau and other departments, requirements in selectiving examination of substandard machinery must be environmental renovation or registration scrap.

last year, the city of nanjing the mechanical exhaust pollution prevention and control measures for the administration of road mobile ( The first draft) The public to comment. Excavator parts from the environmental protection department learned that this year, nanjing will not legislate road mobile machinery, the nanjing not road mobile mechanical exhaust pollution prevention and control measures for the administration of years to come. In the future, in violation of the nanjing not moving mechanical exhaust pollution prevention and control measures for the administration of road, high emission pollution road mobile machinery units and individuals will face heavy fines.

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