Must safeguard your summer 'good partner' excavator air conditioning - — Shaft sleeve

by:HMB     2021-01-21
In the summer, air conditioning can be said to be the people & other Good mate & throughout; On weekdays, when using must maintain it well, on a hot summer day to you & other; Almost throughout the &; That's the problem. Often in outdoor homework excavator the craftsman is inseparable from the air conditioning to security work smoothly. Follow collar small make up today to get to know, how to maintain your excavator air conditioning.

air conditioning maintenance instructions in the hot summer, after open air conditioning, after cab open all the doors and Windows, 2 - such as out of the car After 3 minutes, returned to the car, avoid high temperature damage. Air-conditioning filter or strainer if blocked, will directly affect the air volume of air conditioning, if long time no replacement will be air volume is too small, the smell is too big, also can cause bacteria, after a long time will affect the health of the driver.

clean air-conditioning condenser in time, if the congestion will affect air conditioning refrigeration effect, if too dirty, condenser bushing manufacturer recommendations with water cannons to wash and clean. Regularly check the belt tension of air conditioning compressor, usually once every 250 hours inspection, belt tensioning degree should be around 10 mm, if the belt too loose not only noise but also can appear the phenomenon of sound, refrigeration effect is poor. Need to regularly check refrigerants, refrigerant liquid level height, also affects the cooling effect of air conditioning, Normal pressure low pressure 1. 5 - 2 kg/cm2 pressure - 13 17kg/cm2) 。 About the air conditioning maintenance: ( 1) When the air-conditioning outlet air volume with using gradually reduce, please inspect the air conditioner filter blockage and cleaning, daily vehicle driver, please often give cleaning and inspection, when it is necessary to replace the new air conditioner filter.

( 2) If the wind speed had little or no change in wind speed, the on-site check relay of blower and its speed governor. ( 3) If less than the degree of refrigeration, bushing manufacturer suggested inviting professionals equipped with air conditioning system for the detailed inspection, the focus should be on the air conditioning refrigeration dose is normal. As to the phenomenon of air conditioning refrigerant volume too much too little and inspection: ( 1) Too little amount of refrigerant in the dryer observation hole observation, if appear a large number of bubbles, shows insufficient due to lack of refrigerant refrigeration and air conditioning systems. ( 2) Refrigerant quantity too much, in the dryer observation hole observation, no bubble or a small amount of bubbles, the amount of refrigerant charging too much, ultrahigh pressure phenomenon occurs in the system, to prevent compressor burned, system self protection function realization, bushing manufacturer to remind, that will also cause the air conditioning compressor does not work. ( 3) Compressor normal working conditions, high side pressure is 15 kg/normal cm&sup 2; High and low voltage, system pressure range cannot be more than 1 ~ 32 kg/c ㎡. 【 Mechanical 】 Some information from the Internet, and strive to secure timely, accurate, aims to deliver more information, does not represent the views or responsibility for their authenticity. If this net reprint information involves the issues such as copyright, please contact with this net.

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