Multiple positive market is expected to June 5, coal prices rebounded

by:HMB     2021-01-21

recently, as the country for some port coal import restriction policy, the implementation of the downstream market purchase enthusiasm increased, prices rebound situation is near port. Collected from last week's coal prices index, bohai sea port, although power coal spot market price is still down trend, but the price drop significantly narrowed, spot coal trading activity and market share of clear up.

on April 23, & other; CCTD qinhuangdao thermal coal prices & throughout; Collected three thermal coal in the circum bohai sea region comprehensive trading prices and spot prices have bottomed out. Among them, & other; CCTD5500 comprehensive & throughout; And & other CCTD5000 comprehensive & throughout; Are closed in 587 yuan/ton, 529 yuan/ton, all don't prices than released on April 16, 1 yuan/ton; “ CCTD5500 spot & throughout; And & other CCTD5000 spot & throughout; Are closed in 576 yuan/ton, 490 yuan/ton, all don't than released on April 16, prices rose 3 yuan/ton.

now, the state for a class of port, coastal and 2 kinds of port coastal coal import restrictions, played a positive role for coal prices rebound. Coal imports, inventory consumption of port is also a certain degree of decline, the figures show, as of April 21, the qinhuangdao port coal fell to 5. 8 million tons, 1. 6 million tons of oil drilling save coal, from April 7, fell by 72 and 450000 tons respectively, compared the two port total dropped 1. 17 million tons of coal.

the market multiple factors on consumption port stocks, but on the demand side, thermal coal is still in the off-season, the downstream demand is not enough to support. As of April 20, this Saturday, large power plant daily coal consumption rose by 0. 710000 tons to 67. 110000 tons/day, rose one percent. 6. Large power plant 43 inventories fell on Saturday. 520000 tons to 1364. 930000 tons, three percent decline. 09; Save coal available days by 0. 87 days to 20. 34 days.

although six plants inventory relatively reduced, but also remain high, therefore, in the short term, even if the downstream increased demand for coal, is still in the stage of inventory cost, for domestic coal market situation also won't have a big impact.

with the arrival of the summer electricity consumption, the downstream demand for thermal coal gradually increase, the China electricity council said in a report, the electricity consumption in 2018 is still expected to continue the steady and rapid growth of 2017, the whole society power consumption will grow by five percent in 2018. Of the 5, 1 - Power consumption rose nine percent in March, the whole society. 8, increase faster than the previous year 2. 9%. This year, the three major industrial electricity, has remained high growth, but also can stimulate demand.

second, with the end of April, the main coal transportation line maintenance of daqin line have been completed, coal transportation into the normal stage, the upstream supply.

so, in May and June, with the loss of the ports, power plants inventory, downstream demand is gradually increasing, the price of coal, or there will be a new wave of rebound.

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