Multifunctional bucket axis can improve the reliability of the hinge parts on construction machinery!

by:HMB     2021-01-16

1, the importance of the hinge clearance

pipe shaft and shaft sleeve ( Sliding bearing) Hinged piece is composed of excavators, loaders, bulldozers, cranes, concrete pump truck arm posture, overhead working truck and other construction machinery operation device commonly used articulated device, qualified articulated fitting clearance should be reasonable, the fit clearance can be stored, grease to ensure pipe shaft and shaft sleeve to reduce wear and resistance in relative motion. Articulated a reasonable fit clearance, for the pin shaft and shaft sleeve of relative movement is caused by thermal expansion amount have a certain space, to prevent its sintering. If the hinge clearance error, can cause pin shaft and shaft sleeve with loose kuang, vibration, impact, and eccentric wear, causing them to wear or a pipe shaft fracture, and even a major equipment and the personal accident. Hinge clearance error, also can cause engineering machinery operation device produces deviation, shaking, resulting in a decline in the operational precision and lower efficiency. So keep the articulated a reasonable hinge clearance, it is very important to enhance the reliability of construction machinery.

2 hinge clearance error reason

hinge clearance error of the main reason is that the wear and tear. Traditional theory holds that is pivotal parts of the main causes of the wear abrasive wear and corrosive wear and tear caused by atmospheric damp and hot, the abrasive particles from articulated a friction generated and dust from the work environment. Russia's construction mechanization magazine published in June 2016 Russian national bauman Moscow technology university scholar abramov & other To improve the reliability of the hinge parts on construction machinery research & throughout; The paper. This paper thinks, hinge clearance error in addition to abrasive wear and corrosive wear, wear make clearance extension increases after, can make the hinge parts in sports produce periodic ( Each operating cycle) Vibration and shock. The vibration and impact on the surface of the articulated causes plastic deformation, fatigue and spalling, the resulting grinding grain, debris will also add to the original group of abrasive, heightening the abrasive wear, further expanded the hinge clearance, increased the gap difference, create a vicious cycle of articulated a clearance error, eventually led to the articulated a failure.

3 with multi-function MP material collar

in the jack abramoff, under the guidance of new theory Russia kuibyshev aviation institute researchers developed with shock, vibration, wear resistance, corrosion resistance of the modified MP materials ( MP is the abbreviation of Russian elastic material phrase) 。 The material is made of stainless steel wire in the special spiral steel wire made from cold pressing molding machine, molding of spiral steel wire diameter of 0. 2 mm, the surface structure of capillary pore ( Porosity is 0. 7) 。 By the modified MP material for the lining made of articulated a bucket bushings ( MP sleeve) Compared with the traditional steel shaft sleeve, spiral wire material of MP sleeve has the following characteristics: its lined with good elasticity, damping, shock vibration, slow performance is strong, can reduce impact and vibration stress by 50% ~ 60%. In addition, due to MP sleeve lining is stainless steel material, in hot and humid and corrosive environment with good corrosion resistance; Its surface pore can store lubricating grease, can improve pipe shaft and shaft sleeve of lubrication, reduce the bucket axis motion resistance. Due to MP sleeve has the multi-function performance, enhances the hinged piece of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, reduce the intensity of the hinge parts wear, delayed the hinged wear rate, improve the reliability of the hinge parts, reduce the failure rate of articulated, prolong the service life of the hinge parts.

4 other measures

it should be pointed out that with MP sleeve is one of the important measures to maintain reasonable articulated a hinged clearance. But because articulated a decline in reliability and the failure reason is various, so you also need to take a variety of other control measures, such as the preferred shaft material, optimizing fights the shaft and shaft sleeve material with the hardness, optimizing lubricating grease, increase of the accuracy of the articulated parts processing and assembly quality, timely maintenance, maintenance, monitoring, etc. Only comprehensive ShiCe can ensure the reliability of the articulated work.

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