Mixing canister does not turn very troublesome and timely troubleshooting is important!

by:HMB     2021-01-19

concrete truck mixer rotation is to avoid condensation is known to all, if the drum malfunction concrete setting that trouble, excavator attachments manufacturer to give you a good, the author analyzes the reasons of concrete mixer truck don't turn, for everybody reference.

failure phenomenon:

a standard, check whether the hydraulic oil.

2, look at the radiator fan in turn, the hydraulic oil emulsion white: no, the hydraulic oil temperature over 90 degrees, hydraulic system, there is no pressure, can not turn! ( This kind of situation don't try so hard, the cooling water hydraulic pump, hydraulic motors, hydraulic oil temperature, jar can rotate. Put the material out, repair or replace the hydraulic oil radiator quickly! )

three didn't pay attention, transit, pot stopped, concrete collapse, pot is not the past. ( Feel pressure can turn a little is likely to be this kind of circumstance)

4, engine fault ( Less likely)

5, damage to the drive shaft 10 bytes, fracture.

6, hydraulic pump was damaged.

7, damage of hydraulic motor.

8, speed reducer failure.

7, 8 two kinds of cases, can't use the emergency device! The inspection cover on the tank can be opened to concrete let out.

→ Check the cover over the tanks? ? Can use the tower crane, hoist will check of tank lid rotation to the below, will be concrete release;

→ Jar stuck rotating motionless? Can use gas cutting at the bottom of the tank side open a 50 centimeters square hole ( Pay attention to avoid the jar spiral blade, cut off the tank wall must be reserved, fix up fast, convenient and beautiful) , will be concrete.

must avoid concrete solidified in the tin, because it would clean up very trouble, so expensive and laborious! If the drum fails, must timely release of concrete, to the regular maintenance factory maintenance.

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