Mitsubishi diesel engine is introduced

by:HMB     2021-02-08
As the world's famous complete generator equipment manufacturer, from that day on, 1917 founded mitsubishi heavy industries development, and constantly create capacity by 0. 5 HP to 56400 HP various forms of the general use of diesel engine in order to satisfy customers and special USES. Mitsubishi heavy industries through extensive contact with the user, the ongoing development and improvement of products, make the mitsubishi brand has many advantages in the same industry. Mitsubishi power, do not doubt. Durability of industrial use mitsubishi engine configuration to match the good performance of exhaust gas turbocharger, power generation system and the equipment selection and comprehensive technical support, after the basic generating set with very little accessory equipment can be put into operation. Mitsubishi heavy industries diesel generating set in the same industry has a small volume, light weight, low fuel consumption, high output power, etc, the purpose is to maximize the save operating cost for the user. At the same time, mitsubishi heavy industries at a very reasonable price sales to users all over the world. High-pressure jet atomization of fuel is good, the combustion implementation for short periods of time, good atomization state of high pressure fuel promoted fully mixed with air, and efficient combustion at a short time. Fully burning for a short period of time can reduce the heat loss of the cooling medium, relative to the piston thermal energy increase. Concrete is easy to get the best state of ignition and fuel air ratio, improve the characteristics of the flame propagation speed. Air inlet shapes and best fit the piston combustion chamber, prompting a mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chamber on the scale, improve the utilization rate of air to achieve complete combustion. Adopt mitsubishi unique binary form of intake his, the intake form vortex flow. Through various tests to choose the best shape of combustion chamber and fuel spray, optimal combustion.
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