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Misunderstanding of the use of hydraulic breakers-lengthening chisel?

Misunderstanding of the use of hydraulic breakers-lengthening chisel?


Hydraulic Breaker is an important tool used by excavators. The correct use of breaker is very important to prolong the life of excavators. Many customs have a big misunderstanding when choosing hydraulic breaker accessories. The most common misunderstanding is that customers tend to choose Lengthened chisel. Different types of hydraulic breaking hammers have matching standards for the selected accessories. Generally, the size of the chisel is required to be accurate, but the length is usually ignored. If the extended chisel is not used in a special working environment, How did the lengthened chisel appear in the market on a large scale? First of all, let us know the types of chisel that can be used for hydraulic breakers:

一、chisel selection guide




  When the chisel is worn to a certain degree during use, a new chisel needs to be replaced. The life of the chisel not only depends on the factors of the working condition, but also depends on its own quality and excellent wear resistance. The quality of the chisel is determined by its material and heat treatment process. When the heat treatment process is stable, the material difference of the chisel is the biggest reason for its excellent wear resistance.

Longer chisel dont have a longer service life than high-quality standard chisel. With more and more manufacturers of hydraulic breakers, the market competition becomes more and more fierce. In order to occupy the market ,many manufacturers choose inferior materials to reduce cost, but then the wear resistance of the chisel is reduced, and the service life is naturally shortened. At this time, the method of lengthening the chisel is used to make up for its shortened service life. Users who buy hydraulic breakers are sometimes mislead, thinking that the longer ones will last longer than the shorter ones. In fact, when encountering really bad working conditions, the chisel of inferior material will show its original shape. The shortcomings and hidden dangers of using the extended chisel are invisible to many users:

1. Lengthening the chisel will increase the probability of the chisel breaking during use, which will greatly increase the user's cost.

2. It will reduce the impact of the hydraulic jack hammer. The breaking hammer uses hydraulic oil and air pressure to push the piston back and forth to hit the chisel, so that the energy is transferred to the tip of the chisel through the chisel and converted into impact force to achieve the crushing effect. Excessively long drill rods cause the energy conversion rate to be reduced during the transmission process, the hammer's striking force is insufficient, and the work rate is reduced.

3. After the chisel is lengthened, in order to ensure the vertical work of the demolition breaker when working, the angle between the big and forearm of the excavator will be changed. Under the strong impact of jcb3cx breaker, it will work at an incorrect angle for a long time. The arm will definitely be greatly affected, reducing the life of the large and small arms.

二、how to replace the steel drill?

1. Remove the anti-return pin and the steel brazing pin first, and after reinstalling the steel brazing pin, insert the steel brazing pin   

2. When reinstalling the steel drill, proceed in the reverse order of disassembly. First, check whether the parts are worn or broken. If the steel drill is deformed, it should be polished and repaired, and the steel drill pin and the movable part of the steel drill should be coated with lubricating oil, and then the steel drill should be installed; if the steel drill pin is severely deformed, it will be difficult to replace the steel drill. So every 100-150 hours of work should be checked!

三、Steel drill direction

The direction of the steel drill and the forearm should be the same, and the steel drill should be as vertical as possible to the surface of the rock on which it is operated. If the steel drill is not perpendicular to the rock surface, the steel drill may slip during the operation. When crushing, first adjust the steel drill completely, and in a stable condition, select the impact point of the rock for impact operation

Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of hydraulic breakers and excavators, do not choose extended chisel lightly, but consider actualy operating purposes.


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