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by:HMB     2021-01-17
Summer heat, excavator equipment will also be gummed up, excavator attachments damage, etc. Trouble don't panic, to judge for themselves first to check what reason, can solve their solve, was a short maintenance time, 2 it is to save the maintenance cost. The oil temperature is too high, is the common fault of excavator hydraulic system, the reason is complex, is often more difficult. Encountered this situation can from the several aspects to check first. 1, hot oil on the back to check valve failure. The existing system of oil return back pressure of 0. 3 mpa, oil cooler to protect pressure of 0. 2MPa。 Arguably, oil return back pressure could satisfy the requirement of system back pressure in some cases should be as low as possible. The machine in the oil temperature is too high, may be: the radiator pressure resistance is greater than the protection, make the oil hot oil without radiator directly back to the fuel tank; System cleanliness is poor, one-way valve is dirt stuck, valve core is in a normally open position, the radiator doesn't work; One-way valve opening pressure can not be guaranteed. On the premise of meet system back pressure, can be 0. 30 mpa check valve to 0. 15 mpa check valve, pressure and the protection of the oil cooler to 0. 35MPa。 2, radiator cooling efficiency is low. Replaced the tube plate radiator fin type radiator, radiator area can be increased 8 cm2, its radiator inlet and outlet temperature difference can be made of 7 & deg; C increased to 10 & deg; C, the effect is very obvious. 3, the hydraulic system of the radiator air duct fin lodging or oil road congestion, caused by wind resistance increases, the cooling effect is poor. Should adjust the fin of lodging, clean up the air duct blockage, must be regularly with certain pressure of water to wash, to ensure smooth duct. 4, engine duct arrangement is not reasonable. Existing unreasonable about air duct is that: (1) heat sink into the air volume is not enough. Can open some long slot on side door to increase into the air. (2) all round with gap between the radiator and engine, without effective sealing, and the front of the counter weight is concave and hot air vortex formation, causes the cooling effect is poor. Can be sealed between the radiator and engine paste sponge, will be in front of the counter weight from concave to plane. (3) main pump of hydraulic system lack of insulation board, led from the engine to the hot air blowing directly after the hydraulic oil tank wall, due to the high oil temperature rise tank. Can be improved by increasing the heat shield. 5, hydraulic oil, oil or improper selection nameplate is poor. The hydraulic oil viscosity is too low, can increase the internal leakage, lower efficiency and heat; The viscosity is too high, fluid pressure loss increase, can produce a lot of heat, causes the oil temperature is too high. At the same time, the difference of oil is easy to emulsification, can increase hydraulic parts excavator attachments damage. Tank after for improvement on the difference in temperature between inside and outside wall by 8 & deg; Fell to 1 - C 2° C。 Above is manufacturer of excavator parts summarize some mining high oil temperature determined way, if I don't know how to check, to contact professional maintenance of master, shorten the maintenance time, avoid the influence time limit for a project.

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