Mining techniques and experience - Excavator bearings

by:HMB     2021-01-12

linqing excavator bearings to introduce mining technique and experience for you.

before any site work, to get a few blank space plan, and will mark it as color tag, shows the main venues and construction stages: surface mound, filling pile, parking areas, material storage area, location, etc.

before the start, understand the stumps, the treatment method and position of the trees and brush. Considering the practical difficulties and legal problems may happen in the future.

excavator bearings manufacturer to remind you all want to clear work before any work starts.

at the beginning of the excavation:

1. Catch a surface soil or any organic soil, and then squeeze it.

2。 Be familiar with the texture, color and odor. Continue to look for the local soil.

3。 Grab a handful of dirt, squeeze, quick guess soil classification.

4。 According to the instructions above, continue to observe the change of soil types in different areas.

5。 Discuss with mining foreman soil type, understand the way of the soil.

6。 Excavator bearings manufacturer to site the contractor agreed to rain at any time, under the condition of smooth roll slope.

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