Mining machine machine oil pump is broken can appear the symptom of those

by:HMB     2021-01-22
Oil pump is out of the early symptoms: 1, the engine screeched. 2, engine fault indicator. 3, black smoke pouring from the exhaust pipe. 4, oil pressure gauge shows pressure too low. 5, severe engine jitter. 6, start is difficult, need long time to twist the key. Is the role of oil pump sump oil within the supercharging way carried to the oil pipe ( Cooling effect) And oil filter ( Oil filter) , for the cylinder lubrication, and ensure the normal work of the engine steady state. The failure reasons of oil pump: 1, use inferior oil or model is wrong. Performance is good oil, can be appropriately extended maintenance intervals. And inferior oil, will only accelerate the engine wear and tear, sound and mechanical damage. Different places at the same time, due to climate reasons in choosing its oil, must pay attention to the meaning of the model, low temperature resistance and oil viscosity. 2, for a long time did not change the oil filter. Oil filter blockage, leading to oil pump oil supply pressure, in such a high load working condition for a long time, can cause accelerated deterioration of oil pump. 3, low oil supply. Machine oil face down to cause a decline in oil pump heat dissipation effect, & other; Dry pump & throughout; Lead to the inside of the oil line heating and damage. Oil pump although seemingly no visible objects, but it is very practical. Working principle of the oil pump, oil pump work, inside the rotor outer rotor rotates, the oil cavity volume continuously from small to large, has certain vacuum cavity. Lubricating oil from the oil pan is the suction inlet cavity, then through transferring oil cavity, and then into the oil chamber. Oil cavity volume from large to small, make the lubricating oil pressure, then sent to the lubricating oil. Hope everyone can like small share of the entire contents of the oil pump failure reasons.
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