Mining machine Lord overflow valve, overflow valve, the main secondary batteries

by:HMB     2021-01-25
The main relief valve installed in the main control valve, generally is two. The valve set the whole hydraulic system the highest pressure at work. When the system pressure exceeds the main gun set pressure, the main gun is open back to overflow hydraulic oil tank of oil will be back to the fuel tank, in order to protect the whole hydraulic system, avoid the oil pressure is too high. Below for a machine main overflow valve material object diagram and structure diagram and the understanding of the principles it together, this structure is the second relief valve, it can reduce the system pressure change of pressure peak moment. In the image below, the red for the work of the system pressure, when pressure is higher than the set pressure, white purple cone valve core to open the valve set pressure within the oil tank through the body back, is the green part. At this time because the purple intercepting hole of the damping valve sleeve, pressure oil cannot quickly replenish purple valve set inside the overflow of oil, the purple the pressure inside the valve set lower than the system pressure, system pressure to open the valve set of purple, oil tank directly with working system are interlinked, to achieve the effect of pressure relief. Cone valve core shut down after pressure is lower than the set pressure, purple equals the pressure valve set inside and outside, purple valve set of return under the action of the spring force, close the pressure oil, the system pressure to keep within the set pressure, using the strength as the forerunner of oil into the yellow part, increased the set pressure of the cone valve core, to achieve the effect of strength, the strength set 6 - general 8 seconds.
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