Mechanical wood grabber

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Mechanical wood grabber using the excavator hydraulic oil cylinder to promote, does not need to be equipped with hydraulic valve and pipeline, and installation is relatively simple. Wood and the most commonly used in timber, stone field, scrap steel factory, save a quantity can help users to the greatest extent. Its production process is relatively simple, first by the CAD designers, design drawings, nc blanking, the selection of steel have strict requirements, the most commonly used Q345B manganese steel. The whole wood grabber, want to use a certain number of earmuffs, and shaft, relatively special specifications, many of them need to be custom-made. The next step is assembly, welding, 3 - 4 working days can preliminary welding is complete, when completed, need a corresponding test its range. Through test, after polishing paint, can give customers packing shipment.
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