Mechanical custom excavator bearings

by:HMB     2021-01-12

when technology is necessary, economically viable, excavator bearings can be rotated to provide a more comprehensive function, either through the development of special ability, or associated with the rotation function by integrating a set of functions: attachment, shielding, lubrication, transmission, measurement, etc. The excavator bearings for the application of adaptive has brought the huge gains on the technology and industrial optimization. Among other things, it allows protection of original design is more common is to improve the performance of the product.

materials and surface treatment: knowledge of material and quality monitoring, excavator bearings on the durable performance of steel of further research. For each grade of steel, we define a very precise and strict

involves the following specification:

1. Iron and steel production method

2. Chemical composition of

3. Hardness, quenching hardenability

4. The reliability of the macro structure and macroscopic structure

5. Excavator bearings microstructure and micro clean

6. Endurance

7. Product demonstration

8. Receiving and checking conditions

this section details the use of materials and surface treatment. You can feel free to contact linqing excavator bearings to meet your specifications. Call 13153810108

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