Manufacturing PMI rebounded in March - Excavator parts

by:HMB     2021-01-18

excavator parts small make up according to the National Bureau of Statistics, China federation of logistics and purchasing data released on March 31, joint, in March, China's manufacturing purchasing managers' index ( PMI) Is fifty-one percent. 5, 1 higher than last month. 2%, and rose to a peak in the first quarter, according to manufacturing expansion speed and trend are over.

' PMI index increased obviously in March, which indicates that with the disappearance of the factors affecting the Spring Festival, more obvious the characteristics of steady economic growth, also shows that since last year the stable market demand, the production and business operation activities of active, forecast the basic characteristics such as good is more distinct. ” , experts say.

from the enterprise scale, since this year, large, medium and small businesses PMI in expansion at the same time interval. Among them, the large enterprises PMI is fifty-two percent. 4, 0 higher than last month. 2%; Medium and small enterprises rise is bigger, the PMI is fifty percent. 4 and fifty percent. 1, 1, respectively, compared with last month's rise. 4 and 5. 3%.

' As the Spring Festival starts after concentration, speed up the production and business operation activities. ” National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) services survey statisticians Zhao Qinghe introduces, in March, the production and new orders index rise 2, respectively, compared with last month. 4 and 2. 3%, and the new orders index above production index for two months in a row, the endogenous dynamic of manufacturing growth has been increasing. New export orders index and imports rise 2, respectively, compared with last month. 3 and 1. 5%, to return to the expansion range, according to the import and export activities more active.

in addition, the excavator parts small make up, the equipment manufacturing industry, high technology manufacturing and consumer goods manufacturing PMI were higher than overall manufacturing level, show that with the deepening of the supply side structural reforms, the new kinetic energy cultivating accelerates, to further improve the quality of supply.

on the day of the release of the data also show that in March, the composite PMI output index was fifty-four percent, higher than last month. 1%, which indicates that our country enterprise further expansion of the overall production and operation activities.

excavator attachments small make up think the economy got off to a good start in the first quarter, lay a foundation for the movements of the late. As the supply side to deepen structural reform, the government is committed to further tax breaks for businesses JiangFei, enterprise business environment continues to improve, the production and business operation activities expectations index rose, is expected in the second quarter economic will continue steady positive momentum.

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