Maintenance of hydraulic pump should be attention

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Hydraulic pump is the power source of the excavator hydraulic system, it is converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy conversion device. In hydraulic excavator hydraulic pump is also down most of the components, and the hydraulic pump in the event of failure will immediately affect the normal work of the excavator hydraulic system, and even can't work, and the hydraulic pump common fault is what? First, the common faults of the gear pump, mostly caused by the wear of the internal friction pair. Its normal wear make radial clearance and axial clearance ( The cross section clearance) Increased, the gear pump internal leakage phenomenon aggravating, serious when hole in the pump body or on both sides of the board cannot be repaired. In addition, the shaft seal is also often damage the parts. Second, the vane pump and the gear pump is different, its normal wear volume is small, the service life of the components is longer than the other. The main cause of vane pump failure is that the oil pollution, this is because the kinematic pair with a precision of vane pump, after the pollutants into the friction pair, prone to binding or abnormal wear. In addition, the vane pump self-priming performance is better than the gear pump, especially when small displacement vane pump, unblocked, so whether the oil clean and oil absorption is a vane pump in the operation of the need to pay special attention to two questions. Third, the radial piston pump plunger pump on the structure and motion properties of weakness is radial force is bigger, self-priming ability is poorer, and plunger and plunger hole with high precision; Axial piston pump parts processing precision demand is high. So the purity of the plunger pump to oil demand is high, i. e. the plunger pump to oil filter precision than gear pump.
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