Maintain those things, engineering mechanical analysis of the causes of oil leakage

by:HMB     2021-01-24
In the construction work, must have the biggest headache of several oil spill tank. As you all know, the oil tank is a very difficult thing, will lead to the normal operation of the equipment, resulting in construction work hours delay, serious impact on efficiency. Today, we're in excavator in construction machinery industry, for example, to discuss about the engineering mechanical analysis of the causes of oil leakage and oil temperature is too high. Sealing ring fracture under normal circumstances, the oil seal pressure value is 0. 2 vipa, the maximum value of 0. 51 ipa, when the pressure in the hydraulic motor shell than peak can make sealing ring fracture, cause the oil leakage. Therefore, in order to maintain stability of the hydraulic motor internal pressure, should be regularly to the maintenance, in a timely manner for the oil seal for replacement. In addition, the mining oil temperature is too high can cause serious influence their homework, so in daily operation maintenance should also raise awareness, follow below small make up to learn how to effectively prevent mining high oil temperature field. 1. To strengthen the inspection of hydraulic circuit, alarm circuit block; 2. But there will be a hot oil full row of qing dynasty, replace the new oil; 3. If the main pump serious wear and tear, can be the rocker arm assembly, bravery, plunger pump for all aspects of replacement; 4. Increase engine lathe pulley, by increasing the air volume, to reinforce its cooling ability.
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