Main control valve maintenance skills

by:HMB     2021-02-06
Main control valve, the device called a lot of, some call the main valve, some call distributor, no matter how call, its role is the distribution of main pump oil flow to the actuators to work. The main valve valve core movement is controlled by the pilot pressure, the forerunner pressure comes from the pilot operated valve. Main valve valve core movement back and forth in the main valve seat, by a groove in the middle of the valve core to save oil lubrication and ring support effect, if the hydraulic oil high temperature degradation occurs often, produce colloidal object, when the oil temperature drop down the glue will adhere to the valve core, slowly will fill the groove, so lose lubrication and valve core support, the valve core is prone to binding. The main valve need not much maintenance, the key is to keep clean and proper working temperature of hydraulic oil.
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