Main caterpillar excavator hydraulic pump ( Large pump) Sound?

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Caterpillar ( Carter CAT) ) Main excavator hydraulic pump ( Large pump) Sound is a kind of common hydraulic system failure, affects the working efficiency of the drivers, if not timely find the reason, is likely to cause permanent damage of main pump. Now, let's look at how experts step by step screening of main pump failure. A: first of all check the hydraulic oil level is in line with the standard 2: excluding large pump and pilot pump 1: the presence of mechanical damage on auscultation sticks to monitor the main pump and pilot pump with and without mechanical metal tapping and friction sound 2: remove the filter accessories, such as: hydraulic oil filter; Oil suction filter; And the guide filter; Check whether gold attribute material, depending on the material and the size of the shape of the metal to determine the cause of the problem. Three: after controlling for the big pump mechanical damage caused by the sound, priority large pump suction pipe line presence of air into the 1: check whether there is any break or aging on oil suction hose, and presence of suction phenomenon of flat 2: check whether there is any loose on both ends of oil suction hose coupling or shift and on both ends of the hose and hard tube connected to the presence of fold 3: check the hydraulic oil tank hard tube with large pump oil suction pipe welding with and without sand holes and oil leakage throughout 4: check the oil suction pipe and the screw pump oil suction mouth any loose and o-rings aging degree 5: check the guide oil pump suction hose and connected to the hose pipe joint for the aging condition of loose and o-rings 4: under the premise that eliminate these above fault condition check whether there is any feed shortage phenomenon on large pump 1: check whether there is any blocked or jammed on hydraulic tank ventilation filter, air filter can be removed to see if the fault eliminate 2: check the big pump oil suction pressure is in line with the requirements ( 0. 1MP) 3: oil suction filter will be removed after checking whether by foreign bodies blocked five: screening the whole hydraulic oil system have blocked or high pressure phenomenon 1: check the hydraulic oil return valve is working correctly for the card 2: check whether there is any blocking phenomenon on hydraulic oil return filter 3: check the return pipe road congestion and hydraulic oil radiators
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