Machinery for you introduce the classification of the excavator parts and purchase information

by:HMB     2021-01-20

excavator attachments can be divided into eight categories:

1. Standard big forearm, excavator parts stretched out arm, and arm length size ( Include two ChangBeiShi, three exhibition arm type, demolition of the arm) ;

2。 Standard bucket, rock bucket, strengthen, trench, combat, sieve barrel, cleaning barrel, tilt bucket, bucket, thumb and trapezoidal barrel;

3。 Hook, rotating hydraulic grab, hydraulic clamp, wood collection, mechanical gripper, fast connection, and the ripper;

4。 Excavator quick connector accessories, excavators, hammer, hydraulic shearing machine, hydraulic cylinder, vibrating hammer, dipper teeth, adapter, orbit, roller, roller;

5。 Engine, hydraulic pump, distributing valve, rotating center, slewing bearing, driving, bridge, control valve, relief valve, the main control multi-way valve;

6。 Electrical components;

7。 Chassis parts;

8。 Hydraulic parts;

purchase information:

when you buy excavator attachments, you need according to the model of excavator and used for different types of excavator attachment for different choices, so just to clarify the model. Most excavator attachment have a predetermined pattern and specification, so when you choose and buy a new excavator attachments, you'd better make sure size of material, the best match and quality.

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