Look here, know the choose and buy of excavator parts bucket tooth and maintenance

by:HMB     2021-01-13
excavator bucket teeth is the main vulnerable parts, similar to the human teeth, is made up by tooth and tooth tip, both rely on a pin shaft coupling, because the bucket tooth wear failure part is the tooth, as long as the replacement with a tip. One, the structure and function of the dipper teeth points according to the bucket tooth tooth holder. Excavator bucket teeth there are generally two kinds of structure forms, respectively, straight and horizontal loading. Straight mounted refers to pin and digging bucket tooth positive vertical installation; Transverse mounted refers to pin and digging bucket tooth positive parallel installation. Straight mounted: during disassembly is more convenient, direct hit from above, the operating space is large. During mining, straight teeth pin will be positive by extrusion of dredged materials, if the digging force is bigger, the spring card tight force can not meet the requirements, easy to cause tooth pin fall off. So straight mounted in excavator is commonly used in smaller, lower tonnage drivers. Transverse mounted, when the removal is not very convenient, side the space is little, operation is difficult to force, when removing a single bucket tooth, must be in order to use special tools for dismantling long poles. In digging, lateral teeth pin will not be positive by dredged materials extrusion, can withstand the digging force is bigger, but spring up in use by reciprocating lateral force, easy to wear and failure, leading to tooth pin fall off. So cross mounted general use on the digging force more than 20 tons of drivers. According to the environment of the use of the excavator bucket teeth classification. Excavator bucket teeth can be divided into the rock, Used for iron ore, ore, etc. ) , earthwork tooth ( Used for digging clay, sand, etc. ) , conical teeth ( Used in coal mine) 。 But the bucket tooth shape of different brand drivers also have their own characteristics. Why do drivers loaded bucket tooth? From there are so many bucket tooth, and we can see that: 1. Protect the bucket as a whole. Bucket tooth is easy to loss of excavator attachments, due to large bucket in work wear, plus a bucket tooth, to a certain extent protected the bucket. 2. Make operation more fine. For homework delicate operation, if there is no dipper teeth, could not be achieved. 3. Easy to dig and shovel. Dipper teeth is tapered bucket tooth, and there is a gap between the bucket tooth, so the whole bucket, the force acting surface is small, the pressure will become big, work will more smoothly. 4. Dig into something hard, on the whole machine can play a buffer role. Second, the choose and buy of bucket teeth excavator parts bucket teeth usually have a casting and forging bucket tooth difference, general forging dipper teeth is more wear-resisting, more hardness, service life is the casting of bucket teeth 2 times the left and right sides, but the price is casting bucket tooth 1. About five times. Casting dipper teeth: the liquid metal casting to match the shape of parts with the casting cavity, after waiting for the cooling and solidification, for parts or method of blank casting. Casting parts easy to produce porosity and form trachoma, its mechanical properties and wear resistant degree, low service life is all forgings. Forging dipper teeth: using special pressure on the metal blank, forging machinery for extruding forming at high temperature, refining the forgings in crystal material, make its produce plastic deformation in order to obtain certain mechanical properties, metal after forging processing can improve the organizational structure, can guarantee the forging bucket tooth has a good mechanical performance, more wear-resisting, long service life. In bucket teeth of choose and buy when, of course, we also look at drivers are used in what kind of work environment are, to determine what kind of bucket tooth model. General digging, loose sand, such as the flat bucket tooth. Then dig a lump of hard rock with RC type of bucket teeth, dig lump coal seam with TL type bucket tooth in general. In the actual operation process generally people like general RC dipper teeth, small make up recommend generally don't use RC type bucket tooth, it is best to use the flat bucket tooth, because RC bucket teeth after use after a period of time in front of the wear, increased the digging resistance, waste of power, and even mouth the bucket tooth in the process of wear and tear always maintain a sharp surface, reduce the digging resistance, save fuel. Three, bucket teeth of maintenance and prolong the service life of the proposal 1. Drivers dipper teeth in use process, dig the outermost fights tooth wear a 30% faster than most inside, use after a period of time, can put the bucket teeth inside and change the position. 2. Drivers driver during operation as far as possible in an attempt to dig under the dipper teeth is perpendicular to the face, not to break off the bucket tooth due to the large inclination Angle. 3. Don't have greater resistance under the condition of swinging arm, so it is easy to make bucket tooth and tooth fracture due to stress too much about, did not consider about mechanical design. 4. When tooth wear off 10% after it is suggested to replace tooth holder, excessive wear of teeth and there is a big gap between the bucket tooth, make the bucket tooth and tooth to cooperate, and stress point are changed, the bucket tooth fracture because of the stress change.

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