Look at the key points: excavator accessories hydraulic pump and diesel engine troubleshooting methods

by:HMB     2021-01-20

excavator accessories hydraulic pump suction not oiling

1, under the general weather with drivers oil pump fault is drivers the original idea of spin to divide.

2, and drivers in and out of the oil meet the also can appear excavator attachments oil pump suction oiling of the fault.

3, drivers speed is too low, suction is not enough, not oil hydraulic pump suction.

4, and drivers of the oil temperature is too low, the oil viscosity is too high, not oil.

5, and carter excavators pump oil suction pipe fittings obstruction.

carter drivers hydraulic pump pressure cannot raise

1, excavator accessories hydraulic pump flow or oil pump is not enough oil, maintenance methods are working in the oil pump filled with oil.

2, overflow valve pressure is too low.

3, drivers of the hydraulic system pressure.

4, excavator attachments variable pump pressure regulating improper, from head to adjust.

carter excavators to ask is not high speed fault differentiation

1, the fault occurs, each kind of speed. And the fault is in the cooler ten minutes after starting, everything is ok in about 10 minutes.

2, after failure occurs, follow the change of the accelerator, fault phenomenon also respond to change. And the failure phenomenon, it can not be changed followed the throttle to change.

cold car lift is not high speed diesel engine fault fault checking:

1, the emptying of low pressure oil pipe work, but did not eliminate malfunction phenomenon.

2, then change to the new oil transfer pump, the fault is still.

3, finally, the excavator attachments for fuel pump, high pressure tubing, injectors, and carried on the comprehensive checking cylinder pressure, find appropriate relevant trade scale requirements.

4, and finally fixed screw fastening the excavator parts of injector, fault is still failed to eliminate.

5, again through the differentiation research thinks, the fault is likely to be related to some place to reveal.

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