Loader maintenance five pitfalls, look at your loader have these problems?

by:HMB     2021-01-26
For loader, the maintenance is an eternal topic. But in the actual operation process, many people have for technical problems, lead to the repair effect of wheel loader is bad, intensifying the wastage of the loader, and even cause mechanical accident. Small make up today summarizes some loader possible pitfalls in the process of maintenance, these pitfalls when operating at ordinary times may be small, but often can lead to serious consequences. One hand, blind and remove a lot of loader in the process of repair is often simply blindly remove after judgment parts fault, not based on the research of the structure and principle analysis of the cause of the problem. And remove the malfunction can not be blindly, it will cause new problems. Therefore in the process of determining maintenance loader fault, be careful using method and comparison method, to determine the loader fault before disassembly maintenance. Second, replacing repair a lot of machinist in maintenance, unable to determine the fault components, then adopt the method of replacement test, will think may result in failure parts replacement. So often will do not need to change the parts replacement, increase the user's parts wear and tear. Correct maintenance methods, should be in the process of maintenance, will be able to repair parts repair, not only can reduce the random change of fault, also can reduce the loader maintenance costs. Three, installation parts do not check quality replacement parts, because the parts is new product, a lot of loader hands tend not to check the quality of the parts before installation. Actually now on the market to sell a lot of loader accessories are the sham as the genuine, manufacturer of the technology does not pass, not after testing installation into the loader, loader performance tend to damage and cause other malfunction. And despite the accessories can install and use, but do not meet the requirements of the installation of the loader model, use for a long time will affect the security and performance loader. Therefore loader hands when replace any component selection, attention should be paid to the manufacturer whether compliance, fitting model is correct, detection performance parts are in good condition. Four, use the incorrect bolt is the most common on the loader parts, but is also the most easy to ignore the loader hand parts. Because the loader using bolt, most of them are special bolts, compressive ability is strong, not only the elastic is also better. So the bolt damage or loss, cannot replace with other Luo Shuai, loader will have potential safety hazard. And in the process of installing bolts, also must use the appropriate method, must be in accordance with the tightening torque to operate. Not only is the tightening torque, some high professional requirements as the bolt also calls for professional tight Angle and order. Therefore, in strict accordance with the instructions to operate, closer to bolt. Five, ignore the parts meet the needs of the clearance between loader on many parts have clearance requirements, such as master-slave gear meshing clearance, bearing the axial and radial clearance, and diesel engine piston and cylinder liner fit clearance, etc. When repair, master need to understand these different clearance, and according to the requirements of the correct clearance adjustment or replacement. If you ignore the loader parts repair process clearance requirements, will be too much because the abrasion between the contact surface resulting in failure of loader. The daily maintenance of loader is each loader hands everyday will do their homework, so the right operation method and measures is the machinist should instead be noticed.
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