Loader hydraulic system fault analysis, teach you professional maintenance of hydraulic system

by:HMB     2021-01-28
For loader hydraulic system is one of the most important part, but due to the particularity of the hydraulic system and professional drivers to choose their own few loader hydraulic system maintenance. Actually, the hydraulic system is not as tall, everybody in the heart, today small make up to list some examples of the faults of hydraulic system, analyze the solution, let it be your master can set their own maintenance of hydraulic system. Firstly, water temperature is too high, check the water radiator surface cleaning, water temperature sensor and a sensitive and accurate water thermometer thermostat can normal opening and closing, engine running smooth and strong, but the cooling fan speed slightly slower. Second, the pressure gauge is used to inspect cooling fan driven pump ( P3 pump) The output pressure is low. Adjust the P3 pump pressure regulator adjusting bolt, no change. Again, the pressure regulator and dismantling, cleaning, inspection, found no abnormalities. To disassemble, clean, inspect of P3 pump, also found no abnormalities. Finally, the fan motor and dismantling, cleaning, inspection, found that the fan motor badly worn, replace the fan motor after commissioning, engine water temperature is normal. Second, the steering heavy first, check the hydraulic oil level within the prescribed scope. Second, check the steering wheel no card lag phenomenon, when the engine speed turn the steering wheel, steering position accurately, steering cylinder action sensitive, steering cylinder and tubing shall not leak. Again, when the engine idle speed, the pressure gauge is used to inspect the steering pump ( The P2 pump) Output pressure is low, the engine speed when the output pressure is normal, adjust bolt P2 pump pressure regulator, pressure is still low. Then wash the P2 disassemble pump pressure regulator, after the commissioning, the engine idle speed P2 pump pressure is still low. Finally, take apart the P2 pump, found that the pump wear. New P2 pump replaced after commissioning, the engine idle speed when P2 pump pressure is normal, and turns to light. Three, movable arm and no action loader bucket hydraulic oil temperature is low work is normal, the hydraulic oil temperature rise, movable arm, bucket, cannot move, walk, steering, and brake all normal. Start again after downtime to stay cool, movable arm, bucket work normal, movable arm, bucket again after hot car cannot move. In the hydraulic oil temperature is lower, with pressure gauge test pump ( P1 pump) Pressure is normal, but the hydraulic oil temperature rise after the pressure is low. After P1 pump end listen carefully its workings, when the temperature rises, the pump issue & other Make & throughout; Sound, suspected drainage voice. P1 pump for dismantling, cleaning, inspection, found that the pump badly worn, replace the pump after the commissioning, fault disappear.
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