Loader gearbox oil temperature is too high what reason be

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Causes of the torque converter oil temperature is too high caused by the following aspects: 1, the transmission oil level too high or too low to check variable speed within the box of oil sump oil amount, adjust the capacity of transmission oil to the specified location. The correct operation method is: the machine parked on level ground, shift lever in the neutral and lock. Loosen the plug nozzle, first to see if the oil leakage. If the flow of the oil too much, should be part of the oil released; Without the oil outflow, the oil level is too low, should inject hydraulic oil to the oil flow out. 2, variable speed pump is damaged, the effect of pipe line not free variable speed pump absorption is to control the high pressure oil produced by hydraulic torque converter speed distributing valve through the 2 high pressure oil shaft assembly distribution, to achieve the advances and retreats of a forklift truck. Variable speed pump damage will cause the lubricating oil in gearbox. As the growth of the loader use time, wear increase, will cause the drain in the variable speed pump, variable pressure and mechanical efficiency can not meet the requirements. Poor causing suction pipe line oil, the oil can't lubrication parts movement, friction increase, will cause the system to overheat. It is important to note that the variable speed pump suction pipe line or obstruction of leak phenomenon, can also cause traffic is insufficient, the oil temperature is too high. , hydraulic transmission oil metamorphism of hydraulic oil in the gearbox oil metamorphism, no lubrication effect, excessive wear, will cause a system so as to cause the internal heat. Suggest user, loader for every 1500 hours, using a hydraulic transmission oil change. Transmission oil is too little; After transmission oil cooler oil plug; Transmission hydraulic pump oil suction filter clogging; Tank cooling ability is poor; Serious overload the machine works; Transmission hydraulic pump serious wear and tear or damage; System leakage is serious, torque converter import adjust proportional valve don't work properly; Transmission clutch skid can lead to the transmission oil temperature is too high, the following huatong some method of repair and maintenance to you! ( 1) Through the gearbox oil dipstick to check if the oil level, oil level is too low, it should be oil supplement. ( 2) Transmission oil cooler and oil pipe line will be removed, check back after cleaning. ( 3) Will oil suction filter with magnet filter removed, check back after cleaning. ( 4) Tank heat capacity difference, and sometimes cause engine heat; In addition, the engine operating temperature too high can cause water tank cooling ability is insufficient. To do this, you can check whether the fan belt work normally, to check whether the water tank is smudgy, when it is necessary to clean; And then eliminate the cause of the high temperature engine. ( 5) The machine is in normal work load condition. ( 6) Acquisition of the hydraulic pump working pressure and comparing with standard value, if the work pressure is too low, hydraulic pump can be removed and the collapse of the check. If the hydraulic pump badly worn or damaged, should be back to take another pump. ( 7) For hydraulic torque converter export oil pressure and the transmission and comparing with standard value. If torque converter outlet pressure is too high, can be adjusted to normal. If low torque converter outlet pressure and pump pressure and torque converter inlet oil pressure is normal, should remove the torque converter, the damaged parts replaced; Such as the gearbox oil pressure is too low and torque converter inlet oil pressure is normal, can remove the torque converter and transmission and disintegration, the damaged parts replaced.
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