Liugong excavator 908 c big wheel

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Liugong excavator slewing bearing, 908 c decorated turntable and its corresponding wheel has two models, the most commonly used 20 holes inside and outside, 84 teeth, there is a 24 hole. Seldom used. Customer because drivers original wheel, bearing damage, have no way to repair, can only change new, liugong original price is not high, because choose domestic rotary ma on shan. Old thing down, after specially for our company to check, in order to protect the product will not go wrong. In order to ensure foolproof, unwrapped new rotary table, set on the top of the old, in contrast, are consistent, although some trouble to do that. But this spirit of practical and valuable. If every customer with such meticulous, accessories can minimize error rate, save everyone's time.
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