Listen to the experts explain why the injector sheath damage for you

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Fuel injector copper set of common causes of damage, how to judge whether injector damage, once the damage we should how to tear open outfit injector copper sleeve? Small make up have benefits for everyone, that is, injector liner dismounting tool! Below small make up one by one for everyone! A common cause of low fuel injector sheath damage ( 1) In fact this is already a nagging question of a lot of friends, especially in the south of card, because without antifreeze, after the loss of antifreeze, often use tap water instead. To do so in the short term appears to be no problem, but after a long time later will cause the copper set of injector and the damage of the sealing ring. ( 2) Some friends said, I have always been used antifreeze ah, but I'm broken copper set, is this why? In general, this kind of circumstance is when replace the antifreeze to buy fake, fake fangdongye, like water, also can cause corrosion of copper sleeve and seal, the passage of time also can produce the above failure. Low how to determine whether injector copper set of damage when we found the coolant in the lack of a cause, and in the case of external find run risk LouDi, should check in time. Determine whether injector copper sets whether the damage is very simple, first to see if the oil in the tank is cloudy, if can't see in the tank, glass can check filter set, where can see fangdongye, intuitive if it is found that there are fangdongye, we can determine the basic, is your injector sheath was damaged. Generally speaking, the fuel injector copper set of is the need to carry the cylinder head down to replace, but superior in folk, many specializing in electronic control diesel engine, a homemade tool, can need not carry the can replace the cylinder head. That you don't know? Tanaka industry research and development of the injector liner dismantling device, is a dedicated to remove the old copper cover, install the new copper set of truck maintenance tools. Through practices at the scene of the dozens of service station maintenance, this tool to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor mild has great benefits.
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