Linqing original excavators accessories warn broad attention before the examinee college entrance examination

by:HMB     2021-01-18

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the annual college entrance examination is coming, the students is getting closer and closer to your dream also. For this reason, the original excavators accessories for your comb before the college entrance examination should note.

a. Approach before adjust good state of mind before the

you need to use metal detectors to check if the examinee to carry communication cheating tools to enter, some students dress metal buttons or accessories will be detected. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, affect examinee's mood swings, will affect test scores. Before the original excavators accessories remind candidates must check whether to carry supplies.

2. Choosing the appropriate line

plan ahead of time, to avoid traffic congestion. Original excavator attachments warm prompt: the candidate wishes to sudden emergencies, can be to seek the aid of the traffic police.

3. Check test environment

original excavators accessories remind you when watching the exam must pay attention to check whether the admission ticket information posted on the table is correct, pay attention to whether complete, whether affect the ride. Found the problem report to the relevant personnel to solve ahead of time.

4. Check the test items

there is always the examinee college entrance examination in the previous years forget to bring your admission ticket and id card on the day of the test items, these can be examined before the exam. This year the province recruitment of students department requires the candidate can only carry goods issued by the admissions departments of the university entrance exam, to a certain extent reduce the examinee yourself the trouble to prepare for the exam items.

5. Unwell should take the initiative to show

each year the university entrance exam, there is always a special individual fracture, the chicken pox examinee, for this part of the candidates, the examination site staff will provide the humanized service, after check with admissions department allowed, can open a green channel for it, such as special examinee early fractures are allowed to enter the examination site to rest, or for the chicken pox special examinee to enable standby examination room and so on. Original excavator attachments friendship prompt: if the fracture, the chicken pox and other special circumstances examinee, must take the initiative to tell the supervisor when YanKao field situation.

these are linqing original excavator spare parts for the examinee to sort out the matters needing attention before the college entrance examination, company staff wish examinee jinbang title, dreams come true! Linqing original excavators accessories welcome people from all walks of life come to visit! Contact phone number 13153810108

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