Linqing city excavator parts warns a citizen: formal heating tomorrow! The heat in your house?

by:HMB     2021-01-14

13 November, excavator attachments from macro xiang linqing city heating power company understands and linqing canal thermal power plant, after work overtime to debug unit and heating pipe network, 13 linqing city central heating pipe network to bring hot run, in order to ensure that on November 15th 0 at normal heating standard. According to macro xiang thermal company staff, for the whole central heating pipe network system is larger, the whole network heating cycle also needs a process, with a heat radiator run at first there may be some people home warm up ahead of time, and some people no temperature radiator, this is normal phenomenon. “ 13 radiator started a little warm in the home, wait until 14th morning wakes up, touch radiator has been clearly feel warm. ” Ms zhang qi said.

' Linqing city central heating pipe network currently total mileage has reached more than 600 km ( Including primary pipe network, secondary pipe network, three-level network) Incomplete statistics, according to the heating area of 2. 3 million square meters, more than 20000 subscribers for hot. Season in order to ensure the heating pipe network safe and smooth running, three companies run in 24 hours a day took shifts, one thousand produce the problem such as pipeline leaking, can organize personnel arrived at the scene to repair the first time. ” manufacturer that company early plan, early before heating period, since August and early carried out safety inspection and pipeline repair work, to ensure the safety of heating period smoothly. After intense preparation, on November 13, director of heating network gradually heating up, 15, will reach normal heating demand.

14, early in the morning, & other; Ask warm hotline & throughout; 2331234 was ringing off the hook, the winter heating to consulting related issues. Problems are mainly concentrated in the home radiator and floor heating is not hot. Discharge because of the heating pipe network heat cycle factors, according to the excavator accessories, heating radiator fault and valve is not open on the first day to reflect on the cause of the heat is not hot, the open valve whether citizens can check list first, in case of leakage can be shut down first indoor total valve. Residents outdoor have a lock valve, pay by thermal company staff open, in addition indoor and a handle emergency shut off valves, some citizen home radiator in each group also has a separate valve, citizens in radiator leaking, etc. , to close the valve. Under the heat is not hot in the home, also can check whether the valve has been opened.

in addition, there is a common cause of central heating is not hot, is indoor heat pipe with pneumatosis, cause the radiator air blocking, affected the normal cycle of hot water. The top floor users affected is more apparent. The solution is & quot; Deflated & quot; The exhaust valve on, namely through the radiator, discharge gases in heating system, solve the gas resistance phenomenon, rather than & quot; Water & quot; , can't be random discharge of the water in the heating system. Excavator accessories manufacturer according to linqing canal thermoelectric a staff, if the user from the heating pipe network water heat, power plant will need to filling water within the heating pipe network, and the water is heated to the normal heating temperature also need time, so the more water, to keep the pressure added in cold water, temperature increase will be slow, if a large number of water results in heating network inner water pressure is too low, can also affect the normal operation of unit, or even halt. In this warns a citizen, never on the water from the heating pipe network, so as not to affect our normal heating.

excavator accessories manufacturers know this winter central heating time for November 15, 2017 to March 15, 2018. Heat in order to help the general public in a timely manner to understand the related policy, to the various problems encountered in heating reflected by the relevant departments of the people, we open & other; Ask warm hotline & throughout; 2331234, if you any problems in the heating, please call & other; Ask warm hotline & throughout; To reflect. For citizens, heating and set up a bridge of communication between departments, let people have a & other; Warm & throughout; In the winter.

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