Liaocheng city 'about heavy pollution weather start orange early warning notice

by:HMB     2021-01-15

towns of people government, street agency, civil-operated departments:

now the heavy pollution of liaocheng city weather emergency headquarters office 'about starting heavy pollution weather orange early warning notice is forwarded to you, issued by the liaocheng city on December 20, 16 when heavy pollution weather orange alert, the level since December 21, zero start Ⅱ response measures, the warning is expected on December 24, 24 when lifting. Jurisdiction, more attention must be paid to the towns street supervision on enterprises in emergency response after start-up, immediately to carry out the production limit production measures, emergency and information report on duty. Each should be evaluated integratedly, promptly arrange in factory's presence, to increase the emergency response of enterprises, regulatory, sign the emergency notice and fill in the implementation of records, to establish a power consumption, and went into the factory vehicle parameter. Please towns streets of jurisdictions have passed the eia approval, is in the trial production phase of the enterprise, during the heavy pollution weather response must be to carry out the production measures, The focus is on casting, wood, steel rolling industries enterprise) 。 All departments concerned should heavy pollution weather emergency measures, the full implementation of the supervision and inspection of the evaluated integratedly the implementation. However, industrial electricity consumption situation in the city municipal power supply company every day, until the early warning lifted. Since December 21, every afternoon before 15:00 on the day of each evaluated integratedly each department concerned to submit the emergency response and the supervision inspection, etc. , within 1 days after warning lifted, to the heavy pollution of heavy pollution weather weather emergency headquarters office to submit the emergency assessment were summarized. The municipal government will form teams, daily to various evaluated integratedly the supervision of the relevant units to carry out the situation. For lack of work and measures not hard evaluated integratedly to co-ordinate criticism; The inadequate emergency response measures to carry out the enterprise's factory for accountability, thus punishment and in good faith for the business & other; The blacklist & throughout; 。

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linqing city heavy pollution weather emergency headquarters office

on December 20, 2017

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