Learn to excavator parts troubleshooting guide, let you save money and effort, the collection!

by:HMB     2021-01-13

excavator is dig friends & other Economic pillar, the whole family source of life depended upon it. Once a failure not only need to pay a lot of the cost of maintenance, have to bear the economic consequences of the delays. Excavator accessories manufacturers today brings the processing method of common failures, allows you to save money and effort to save time!

a common malfunction and maintenance, engine

1. Complete engine speed increase after the warm-up, engine oil alarm

in the face of this situation, we excavator attachments usually adopts the following steps in turn to solve: filling the oil to the oil level, consider replacement oil filter cartridge, check tubing or tapping oil leak, change the CPU controller.

2。 Pressure from the top excavator attachments radiator have steam overflow valve, water level alarm lights

when the radiator top pressure overflow with steam valve, water level alarm when the light is bright, want to consider to add coolant and check for leaks, then adjust the fan belt tension, cleaning of the cooling system inside, clean or repair radiator, check the thermostat, tighten the radiator cover or replace its oil seal excavator spare parts, replacement of CPU controller.

3。 Can't start the engine, the starter motor work

when excavator starter motor works well, and the engine does not start, the first thing to consider refueling, if still can't start the engine, so want to consider to check whether there is air leaking fuel system, then, in turn, check excavator accessories such as high-pressure pump and nozzle, valve clearance and engine compression pressure.

4。 Exhaust into a white or blue

if you find equipment exhaust appears white or blue, should first adjust the oil volume to the appropriate levels, if there is no obvious improvement, will be expected to oil change as required.

5。 Sometimes when the exhaust in black

when equipment exhaust in black, first of all to clean or replace the air filter cartridge, then consider check excavator accessories such as nozzle, check engine compression pressure, finally to clean or replace the turbocharger

6. Combustion noise sometimes is not normal

if it is found that the engine combustion, voice is not normal phenomenon, you need to check the nozzle in a timely manner.

7。 Engine sound abnormal

when the voice is not normal, first check the fuel is in line with the requirements, then check whether the engine is overheating, replace the silencer, adjust the valve clearance.

two common malfunction and maintenance, electrical system

1. The engine at high speed, charging indicator light is still on

when the engine in high speed operation, if the charging indicator light is still on, so need to check the generator and power lines, if the problem is still the end, the need to change the excavator attachments CPU controller.

2。 The generator abnormal sound

when the generator abnormal sound, please carefully check the generator immediately.

3。 Switch to spin & other Start & throughout; Position, start the motor does not turn

when opened and spin to & other; Start & throughout; Position, start the motor does not turn, first consider check repair the wires, then consider to the accumulator, check the starter motor, check the safety relay, and consider changing the excavator accessories such as CPU controller.

4。 Start the motor cannot easily start engine

if the starter motor does not start easily engine, first please recharge battery, if the problem not solved, when check the starter motor has a problem.

5。 Before starting the engine starter motor loosen

if release before starting the engine start motor, want to consider to check repair the wiring, then consider giving the accumulator.

6。 Start switch in & other; ON” Position, the engine oil pressure light not on.

if the engine does not start, start switch in & other; ON” Position, the engine oil pressure light is not on, then you will first need to check the monitor, if the problem is not solved, want to consider to check and repair the wire.

7。 Monitor keyboard failure

monitor keyboard failure, please shut off the power, to reopen after 5 seconds.

3 and other common malfunction and maintenance

1. Scoop up unstable

hydraulic oil shortage probability, then consider filling the hydraulic oil to the specified location.

2。 Adjust the degree of tension, avoid wear

when excavator parts of the driving wheel excessive wear, crawler tension is not enough, to timely adjust the crawler tensioning degree, avoid the happening of the accident.

3。 The hydraulic oil temperature anomaly

check hydraulic oil ling condenser and cleaning, properly adjust the belt tension, the hydraulic oil filling volume shoulds not be too high or too low.

4。 Hydraulic pump sound

if you hear excavator parts such as hydraulic pump appear sound, priority to eliminate hydraulic tank filter is clean, it will go on cleaning and solve the problem.

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