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by:HMB     2021-01-17
Excavator engine temperature is too high we dig friends frequently encountered problems, especially the fixed number of year of excavator. As we all know the engine temperature anomaly will cause the machine work efficiency drops, not timely maintenance also can lead to serious fault engine directly. Shandong excavator accessories manufacturers and many dig friends together analysis engine water temperature is too high a number of factors:

1, water shortage, the water in the cooling system is to bring the engine internal heat radiator transport carrier, too little water directly affect the efficiency of heat conduction.

2, excavator parts in the thermostat is the cooling system of the core parts of the temperature sensor to adjust thermostat damage can lead to the cooling system can not switch size according to water temperature high and low cycle, cooling water temperature rise can't timely to switch to the circulation, make the water temperature too high.

3, radiator for a long time not to clean, fin surface will attach a lot of dust, affect the cooling fin heat loss. Radiator radiator as the most direct cooling system, to ensure that the radiator surface cleaning, make its efficient heat dissipation is very important.

4, long-term use of high hardness, or impurities in water, the water of calcium and magnesium ions, or impurities will precipitate and adhere to the excavator attachments at high temperature water tank and water pipe inner surface, the formation of scale. Scale will prevent water blocking line, even influence the running efficiency of the cooling loop, and affect the heat dissipation, reduce the efficiency of the cooling system. Thermostat failure.

5, the machine is in a state of overload operation for a long time, especially under the environment of high temperature, high external temperature of the engine cooling system cooling efficiency is reduced, and the new heat generated by the engine and continuously, lead to heat accumulation in the body, the water temperature is too high.

6, excavator attachments cooling fan blade deformation, belt slack. Excavator engine installed in a relatively airtight cabin, if the cooling fan radiator and the body can not be send out quantity of heat in the cabin, the heat will be gathered in the cabin, engine cooling efficiency.

7, damage of the pump. Pump is the power source of the cooling loop operation, the pump damage will cause the cooling cycle efficiency to reduce or even stop running, result in higher temperature, or even other parts damaged,

8, temperature sensor is damaged. Sensor will appear the phenomenon of false alarm, find the problem of temperature sensor should be ruled out in the engine temperature is too high.

after high temperature alarm, excavator parts manufacturer to remind you that you don't immediately shut down, at first the engine to idle state in situ operation for 5 minutes, temperature drop down until after the stall. Don't continue to work at high temperature, it will lead to the excavator accessories bearing damage, excessive wear or even other parts engine scrap in advance! In order to cause unnecessary losses, hope the friends remember the above eight kinds of elimination method.

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