Learn new skills. A quick fix to drivers walking track disassembling problem manually

by:HMB     2021-01-24
With diversified and complicated construction environment, can adapt to the complex construction environment of crawler excavator is more and more popular with the contractor. However, it is inevitable that the disassembling walking tracks, when drivers maintain for new dig the machinist has added a new problem, how to manually remove the drivers crawler walking? Learn new skills. This article will teach you a quick fix to drivers walking track disassembling problem manually. Drivers walking track manually remove operation: first, to loosen the screw wall lubrication device, make the crawler is flabby, pull out near the front guide wheel and track link connecting pin, upper rotating turntable, and the track vertical, easy disassembly. Second, the rotating motor, until one end of the track link above reaches the driving wheel, crawler crane with hoist steel rope, and then pulled out from under the machine. When necessary, the caterpillar and caterpillar chain between the bolts ( A) Removed. Drivers crawler walking manual installation operation: the installation of the crawler walking operation and disassembly steps are just the opposite. But cannot fall after the installation is complete the most important operation is to adjust the crawler tension. To adjust the cylinder in the injection with high pressure lubricating oil pump lubricating grease, adjust the track link degree of tension or track link and the clearance between roller, make it meet the requirements.
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