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by:HMB     2021-01-15

excavator attachments of hydraulic main function is to store the hydraulic oil tank, we all know that the hydraulic system of excavator is very important, as the hydraulic oil transfer station, in addition to storage role he has both cooling and filter out impurities, and so on. The hydraulic oil tank for the whole hydraulic circuit is smooth or not plays a decisive role. below small make up take you to meet the classification of the hydraulic oil tank, function and related troubleshooting.

the classification of the excavator accessories hydraulic tank:

1. If the shape classification can be divided into circular and rectangular hydraulic tank.

2。 According to the structure can be divided into separate and integral hydraulic tank.

hydraulic tank how to work?

excavator in the job, back to the fuel tank of the hydraulic oil in hydraulic system when traffic is less than the excavator accessories hydraulic pump output flow, due to the amount of medium oil tank volume decreases, and the air volume is expanded to form the negative pressure vacuum, the air through the breathing apparatus to enter the tank, to fill gas tank, the lower the air pressure in the tank is no longer continue to, this process is called & other; Inhale & throughout; 。

when the hydraulic system in the back when the traffic is greater than the hydraulic pump output flow of hydraulic oil tank, the volume of the hydraulic oil tank of oil increased, and the volume of air to reduce the formation of positive pressure, gas by excavator parts respirator row into the atmosphere, make air pressure in the tank is no longer continue to rise, a process known as & other; Exhale & throughout; 。

what is the function?

excavator attachments in the hydraulic tank can filter out the hydraulic oil pollution, the impurity in the discharge of the hydraulic system. Its function mainly reflects in the hydraulic oil from the output of the fuel tank and flow process, balance the pressure of the hydraulic oil tank inside and outside. Hydraulic oil tank can also heat have the effect of cooling for hydraulic system, breathing apparatus but also have the function of the filter impurities such as dust in the atmosphere, to ensure the purity of the hydraulic oil pollution of dust from the outside world.

failure caused by three aspects:

1. Hydraulic oil dirty, scuba tank walls around often adsorption dust, suggesting that excessive foreign matter in dust respirator filter attached or has been damaged, make the excavator parts of respirator lost or filter.

2。 The hydraulic oil tank temperature, excessive pressure in hydraulic oil tank or cracking phenomenon. This is because the respirator filter blockage caused by bad air permeability and high temperature.

3。 Hydraulic pump oil absorption is insufficient or vacuum phenomenon, resulting in abnormal excavator accessories main pump sound and movement. This phenomenon is caused by breathing apparatus blockage or poor ventilation.

how to repair?

check to see if the respirator is damaged, such as damage can be directly replace excavator accessories. Note that if the filter to achieve the required service life ( 2000 hours) Even if no damage and replacement. Other conditions such as filter surface accumulated dust too much in the case of not effectively clean advice directly replace filter.

we all know that replaced periodically excavator accessories & other; A / & throughout; ( Oil filter, fuel filter, air-conditioning filter) Later, but don't forget that we are going to join the hydraulic tank breathing apparatus the members, although he is humble, initiate & other Temper & throughout; To very serious. four filter & other maintenance; The oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, hydraulic oil tank filter & throughout; Do you know?

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