Large excavators of attention for safety operation before operation, before driving, and so on

by:HMB     2021-01-25
1, the computer before operation, should patrol around the machine again, check whether someone or object in the way. Only when sitting on a chair, to start and operate the machine. When you start the engine, blew his horn shall be a warning. Don't allow any person other than the driver in the driving room or stay in the body. 2, before moving, check the body - Of bearing, the drive wheels behind walking frame as a direction. Before driving, causes the movable arm and bucket rod hinged and movable arm hydraulic cylinder with a movable arm hinged into horizontal state. The bucket rod back and keep in with movable arm Angle 45? 110. The bucket and the distance of the ground - in 300 500 * ^ 1. In driving, poor road to low-speed mobile machines, don't suddenly change direction. Don't over obstacles. If must be crossed, should reduce the working device, make it as far as possible close to the ground, and slow speed. No cross slope is too large < 10. An obstruction or larger>. 3, before turning and driving back, make sure no person or obstacle operation scope, beeped again or give the signal, warning people not to close to the machine. The view of the danger area or bad area operations, shall set the signalman. 4, in the hillside, DAMS or steep slopes, tilting and slippage may cause machine, therefore, be especially careful, and reduce speed. When driving, should let the bucket from the ground about 200 ~ 3000101, don't reverse the downhill. Excavator across long objects or other obstacles, should keep close to the ground and driving slowly excavator working device turn or cross slope on the slope is very dangerous, must be down to a flat place to complete these actions. Although longer, but can ensure security. Bucket full bligh ~ slope are strictly prohibited, if must turn on slope, build a platform, the application of soil on the slope to keep the machine at work. Don't in more than 30. The slopes. 5, on the surface of ice and snow to lower speed at work, don't suddenly start, stop, turn or rotation. After the heavy snow, shoulder and roadside objects buried in snow is invisible, be very careful when cleaning the snow. 6, in the hazardous area such as the shoulder or the edge of the cliff, the machine may imbalance, so need to place the drive wheels at the back of the rack to walk, so as to rapidly back in the state of emergency. Don't dig out the machine working face, the landslides and smashing machine in case the salient points. Don't dig at the bottom of the machine before, because the ground below the machine may collapse, cause machine down. 7, in the soft ground in operations ( Especially the snow, rain, or blasting been qualitative soft, must be doubly careful. Large excavator to avoid over close to the edge of the cliff, or deep gullies and work. If these local landslide, can make the machine fall or tilting, made into a serious casualty accidents. / 8, the place to work in a highly restricted ( As in tunnels, Bridges, wires or repair shop] below, should pay special attention to don't let the foreign body collision movable arm and arm. 8, if close to high voltage cable, may be suffering from shock, causing serious casualties: the minimum safety distance between machine and cable in table 1 1. When working under high voltage cable, wear rubber bottom shoes or leather shoes. Machines must be near the cable work, should set the number of member, so that a warning at any time. 1 -, | work table 1 the minimum safe distance run into cable, should not leave on the same bridge. Near the high voltage cable operations, don't let anyone near the machine. 9, the machine should be parked on a level surface as far as possible, if must stop on the inclined slope, with a wedge stuck crawler and the bucket into the ground. When parked on the highway, to set up the fence, on the warning flags or lights, to warn pedestrians, should ensure that the machine, the flags and light does not affect traffic. 10, the battery electrolyte contains sulfuric acid, its harm is bigger. If splashed with sulfuric acid. Rinse with water immediately. Acid from the human eye to rinse immediately with plenty of water, and taken to hospital in time. If accidentally drank acid, should drink plenty of water, milk ^ raw eggs or vegetable oil and bow go up hospital. Repair battery, always wear goggles 'battery produces hydrogen explosion easily, sparks or open flame is easy to ignite. Processing before the storage battery, to shut down the engine, turn the start switch to the closed position. Should avoid metal objects in contact with the battery terminal accident 3 screw down the battery cover, make the terminal connected to the battery line strong. Loose battery line which sparks and cause explosion. It is prohibited to use frozen storage battery.
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