Large excavator slewing mechanism of curing way you correct?

by:HMB     2021-01-23
Excavator slewing mechanism by rotary motor, reducer, turning the big gear ring, rotary center section and other components, is an important part of excavator. So in the daily maintenance should pays attention to the maintenance, today to follow the pace of small make up to learn how to correct maintenance excavator slewing mechanism. Big wheel turning big wheel by turning big ring gear, deceleration machine, the center section, etc. In the daily big arm on one side of the base plate can be lifted to see big gear ring gear ring wear and lubrication. When the machine after long time use, rotary center section of the shield can appear aging, once encounter rain, the rain will be along the rotary center section leak into the big gear ring cavity, the longer it will cause wheel water, seriously will shorten the service life of the excavator slewing ring gear. Also need to prevent water infiltration within the cavity of the butter, fight butter with water dilution caused by the lubrication performance. In addition, ring gear in rainwater infiltration condition for a long time, can lead to a gear ring iron loss, make the machine occur when using noise ring eventually led to the gear ring lost efficacy. Therefore, slewing gear should every year for a replacement, which is around 36 litres per 20 tons machine should include butter, and open the big arm base regularly and the habit of four square frame at the front cover, timely check the ring gear and lubrication situation in detail. If discover the phenomenon of water can be through the way of open the cavity at the bottom of the cover plate will be clean water. The motor
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