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by:HMB     2021-01-25
Dazhi wang, shanxi people, 12 years working experience in excavator, excavator fuel consumption in yourself for a set of rich experience, he thought the oil-saving mainly consists of two parts, the internal factors and external factors, and see how he oil-saving coup? ) How can the excavator more fuel-efficient? I seldom care about this problem before, because before are open to others, then open your machine, from their own pockets refueling, began to heartache, constantly explore the fuel-efficient methods, this probably is like the difference between the driving buses and private cars. Internal factors: combined with their years of experience, from their own internal factors can be divided into beginner stage, stage, mature stage three stages. 1, the novice stage first is digging into the problem of shovel Angle. If the excavator working device is broken down, mainly have movable arm ( The big arm) , bucket rod ( Forearm) And bucket, and the corresponding oil cylinder. About 45 before digging bucket rod in vertical & deg; After about 30 & deg; The scope of the highest efficiency. Novice easy to make mistakes is that the Angle of the bucket the grave. Like digging bucket is a kitchen knife, the five dipper teeth is the blade, only the blade Angle and the force in the same direction, so as to cut faster. Excavator is the same principle: digging operations, bucket by digging the force direction, is usually a similar to the bucket rod axis as the center of an arc, should according to this to adjust the Angle of the bucket tooth, bucket can easily & other; Cut & throughout; In the grave. The other is excessive mining. Beginners always want the bucket full, until the earth spilled from the bucket to stop. Because the bucket digging is buried in the soil, not directly see Angle position, so avoid this need according to the experience. If the bucket is full or stones, can't advance, oil cylinder to the limit, the overflow valve will open, even if it's no use to pull the lever to, at this time into a magnificent and the noise of diesel fuel were made in vain. Narrow excavators swing Angle, the fuselage in a horizontal position. If is the fuselage in slope, and the spinning process was divided into half half is up/down, rotating and slope for excavator is with difficulty. 2, phase of ascension excavator and a very simple and efficient fuel-efficient methods & ndash; — Reduce the amount of oil supply and engine speed. At work, throttle knob or lever in very low position, fuel consumption will be significantly lower, but the excavator working speed will reduce a lot. Also an effective method of excavator work decomposition of composite action. While increasing the movable arm, and recycle the bucket rod, hook bucket again, again add rotational movement. Speed and strength of each movement is a lever to control the itinerary. In engine speed is very low, in order to avoid engine severe vibration and flameout, composite action is called for to do some decomposition, make very limited energy and reasonable distribution, and they need through the lever to give appropriate buffer, to match the low speed of low power output. 3 has advanced to the mature stage, mature stage, the driver's operation has and excavators, can easily achieve four two dial one thousand catties. Drivers operating lightsome, coherent, with his hands to the operation of the operating lever when pushed before, when, after strength just right, excavator oil cylinder, the position of the motor movement is also perfectly, smooth freely, oil-saving develops acme. At this point, the driver will consider more external factors. External factors: the driver in order to mature stage, fuel consumption, it's time to think through the external factors, the choice & other; A good horse & throughout; 。 Boring machine out of these ten years, the drivers contact is countless, obvious effects of trinity excavator oil-saving technologies, through the communication with trinity service engineers, to view some of the data, find the trinity excavators energy saving low consumption is mainly from the following several aspects: 1, strong core: with the international well-known manufacturers to develop engine good drivers must be equipped with a strong heart. Trinity special high power engine, the powerful at the same time, will also fuel to achieve the best performance. 2, efficient, low consumption, & other; Positive flow & throughout; Trinity of independent research and development and other system + DOMCS” Dynamic optimization USES mostly sany intelligent control system of the existing excavator & other; Positive flow & throughout; System and the independent research and development of trinity & other DOMCS” Dynamic optimization intelligent matching control system, the efficiency of fuel consumption has surpassed brand competition, high efficiency by 8%, 10% lower fuel consumption. In the standard file ( S9) Work, work time 3000 h and diesel prices by 7 yuan/L calculation, light for a fee can save 100000 yuan each year. 3, level 3 automatic idle speed excavator operation handle back to the median automatically reduce the engine speed, the new triple idle function, closed the forerunner locks, to further minimize the idle speed, drastically reduce fuel waste, reduce noise and emissions. Keep the previous models the same efficiency, fuel - 7 15%; Fuel by more than 15% per hour. This is my some shallow experience of excavator fuel-efficient, hoping to bring real benefits. Actually, everyone has their own way of saving energy and reducing consumption method, through the accumulation experience, technology continues to change, excavators energy consumption will be more outstanding, rich road will go further.
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