Komatsu PC360 - 7 excavator with large 2. 5 party scoop

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Komatsu PC360 excavator standard 1. 6 scoop, but according to the working condition of different demand, can match different bucket volume of coal tub, we did a PC350 back to the customer in front of the drivers 3 sand-excavating bucket. The customer is clean up the river sand, 2 needs to be done. 5 party, to match the bucket tooth and edge knife, and sand-excavating dou some differences, do not need too thick steel plate, too thick is too heavy, it is not working. PC360 scoop installation dimensions are, bucket pin 90, marla's first 345, center distance 520, tooth plate, 50 plate 35, floor 12, add a layer of bead welding, with komatsu bucket tooth and tooth six, 300 edge knife to each other. According to the requirement, we coal tub inside width 1680, 1400, 1050, deep wide, then hang above the ear plate and the back arch needs corresponding thickening, otherwise easy to deformation. From design to cutting, assembling, welding, etc. , need 3 - before and after After four days, completes, directly arrange trucks for customer delivery, scoop, extended arm extended arm, etc. We are professional, if you have corresponding requirements, welcome to inquire.
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