Komatsu PC350 excavator tripartite sand-excavating scoop delivery

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Digging bucket sand-excavating type, just as its name implies is used to dig sand, the most commonly used in port or battlefield, compared with the standard coal tub, sand-excavating bucket need to do more, according to the specific requirements, can need not assembly of bucket teeth. Customer battlefield newly bought a PC350 drivers, need to order a large coal tub, within 1800 mm wide, 1700 mm, 1000 mm deep. According to the actual situation, we to the design of the thickness of the steel plate to do the following: tooth plate, 50 plate 35, floor 12, bucket bottom welding automotive spring steel, make it more wear-resisting. The whole scoop order 4 - 5 days, from the beginning of the order, our workers will work overtime, on the premise of guarantee quality, work overtime good welding, grinding paint, at the appointed time, duly delivered to the customer site. Now river sand processing control period, according to experts, the whole earth's dwindling sand, also is more little!
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