Komatsu PC210 - 8 excavator hydraulic pump

by:HMB     2021-01-26
PC210 - 8 the komatsu SAA6D107E - 1 engine, has higher reliability and durability, the machine weighs about 21 tons, digging bucket capacity, improve the production capacity. Because drivers use fixed number of year is long, and have broken hammer, has greater harm to the hydraulic pump, now the machine didn't force, arm is serious, is examined to determine pump has a problem, need to change a new pump or repair. Original pump relative price is too expensive, price is not high, the customer in foreign countries, the maintenance is more troublesome, recommended by our technical staff, after decided to go to take a K3V112DT pump, with the corresponding pump material instead. Need to pump accessories, such as the joint, the horn plate, tubing and so on has form a complete set, some take according to the actual situation to the customer to pressure pipe, pump connected, need to adjust the lifter, the flow adjustment is good, in order to achieve the best effect. Accessories when ready, need to send DHL, all the accessories weighs about 150 kg, freight and cargo basic equivalent, because of the urgent need, can only send by air, clients receive goods packed, feedback change pump effect is very good.
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