Komatsu PC200 bidentate scarifier

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Scarifier and cracked soil, is the most commonly used single tooth, widely used in hard, permafrost, or the wind fossils. According to customer's requirement, need to do a double teeth scarifier, has a special purpose. Installation dimensions are the same, bucket pin 80, marla's first 326, center distance 450. Main board is 80 mm thick, with two D85 pointed teeth, relative to the single tooth scarifier, is essentially a motherboards, design is simple, of course is relatively high to the requirement of welding technology. Make the finished product is shown in pictures, from design to processing, to grind paint, total need three working days, if you have a scoop, scarifier or long arm needs, can contact us, we will give you a perfect solution.
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