Komatsu excavator parts sensor and the distribution of fault!

by:HMB     2021-01-19

komatsu drivers display alarm prompt, some friends and dig hurry-scurry, overwhelmed, excavator parts small make up tell you according to the corresponding to the location of the sensors, pressure switches for screening, replacement.

1, excavator attachments speed sensor: NE sensor ( The crankshaft sensor)

main functions: to confirm the crankshaft position signal, used to detect the piston top dead center, crank Angle and engine speed.

2, excavator parts G sensor ( The camshaft sensors)

main functions: collecting camshaft signal dynamic Angle, and enter the electronic control unit ( ECU) To determine the ignition time and injection time.

3, common rail pressure sensor

main functions: detection of fuel pressure.

to ECU feedback common rail diesel high pressure cavity pressure signal.

according to the feedback of pressure feedback signal and other signal judgment, for injector solenoid valve, fuel metering valve fittings of excavator instruction signal sent by the control unit.

4 temperature control, pressure sensor

main functions: to fuel injection; Control air intake preheating.

5, excavator parts environment pressure sensor

main functions: automatic altitude compensation and control of fuel injection. Induction drivers work location altitude, auxiliary fuel injection quantity adjustment.

6, engine oil pressure switch

main functions: detection of engine oil pressure, and will feedback the signal to the CPU. As in the engine starting conditions appear low oil pressure signal, in addition to the alarm, at the same time will control the engine automatically shut down.

7, excavator attachments water level sensor

main functions: perception of oil-water separator water level, high water level alarm.

8, engine temperature sensor

main functions: the engine computer to calculate and determine the fuel injection quantity is an important signal. When water temperature sensor fault occurs, will affect the amount of computer controlled fuel injection engine, which affects the concentration of the mixture.

9 oil, engine oil level switch

main functions: oil low oil level alarm, engine protection, prevent abnormal wear and tear.

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