Komatsu China national residing in 2018 conference was held successfully

by:HMB     2021-01-22

Excavator bucket shaft manufacturer 】 On January 16, 2018, komatsu China 2018 national residing in sanya westin hotel successfully held no blue bay, meeting with & other Do not forget to caress his mind on innovation and development & throughout; As the theme, from all over the country komatsu China agent, komatsu group and komatsu China all departments and the leadership of the group companies a total of more than 180 people gathered in 2017 to share common development achievements and experience, with the business in 2018 and the future development.

in 2017, the market continues to rebound good external circumstances, komatsu China agent and a joint effort, grasp the opportunity and achieved strong growth in sales. At the annual meeting, factorial komatsu ( China) Investment co. , LTD Zhang Quanwang managing director and CEO spoke first, on behalf of komatsu China from national residing expressed welcome and thanks for the representatives who, in 2017 years of work and its results are summarized, and the focus of the work in 2018 are put forward.

, komatsu bridge from the second President and CEO on the meeting and made a speech. Speech, President to introduce the representatives to the bridge komatsu group, the development of the global situation and the development direction of the future, to komatsu China's achievements in 2017 gave high evaluation, and the work of 2018 expectations and demands are put forward.

in the conference komatsu China's leadership also report the various functional departments in 2017 and 2018, especially in 2018, this paper discusses importance and explanation, representatives from who also share their successful experience in marketing and after-sales service.

a one-day komatsu China 2018 session of the national agency in China general representative and komatsu (komatsu group China) Investment co. , LTD. , chairman of the city, the original order of the summation of the complete. The deputies to the national residing in both said after the meeting will actively implement the conference spirit, to do a good job in komatsu acting career as own duty, shandong ZhuXiaoSong bucket axis to & other; The dapeng day wind up, soaring nine miles & throughout; Spirit, in the New Year to achieve innovative development, again.

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