Kato HD820 - 3 excavator original kawasaki hydraulic pump

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Kato HD820 - 3 excavator is K3V112DT hydraulic pump, but this is the electromagnetic valve of the pump and other conventional pump is different, like SK200 - 6 e kawasaki hydraulic pump, although is K3V112DT, but each are not identical. This pump we have domestic, South Korea imported and kawasaki original hydraulic pump, can choose according to customer's actual conditions, domestic pump relatively cheap, high cost performance, but such as excavators have installed broken hammer, is suggested to choose better. Drivers in the 3 big, very important in the field of hydraulic pump, the pump is damaged, can maintenance under the premise of can, of course, buy the corresponding hydraulic components, choose a repair shop to repair by the spectrum. But it takes time to repair, some sites, such as the fastest way is to buy a new pump, then fix the old, for a rainy day. If your drivers to replace hydraulic pump, hydraulic components, or or maintenance, can contact us, we'll give you a satisfactory solution.
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