It is very important to drivers maintenance and oil change

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Drivers curing the inferior oil in the oil change is very important to beware of often oil change is an integral part of the drivers maintenance, to prolong the life of the machine, improve working effect, etc, have very good effect. However, there is a case of the hero change a wonder missing, because his family's drivers incredibly 'strike after oil change, why? Please continue to look down! The inferior oil in the pit of the drivers of August 23, 2013, the hero of the story change some in a shop of mine bought 7 barrels of hydraulic oil is used to his family's drivers in the hydraulic oil, originally is a good thing, but who knew that a few barrels of oil into later, drivers of the hydraulic system cannot work normally. Afterwards discovered is inferior oil in the hair. Finally, by law, finally obtained the reasonable compensation. There are many similar cases, branching channel in 2011 after more than 10 large mechanical equipment come on a site damaged to cease, and dozens of RMB ten thousand yuan of economic losses. In 2012 an oil tanker will be added to the imported excavator containing impurities of diesel fuel tanks, the excavator's valve is damaged. In 2013 Mr Li only buy a year of drivers fails, the damage of the excavator's loss of 58110 yuan, identified cause drivers out of one of the reasons for the failure is to use the poor quality of the lubricating oil. Technical analysis: 1. Diesel quality of excavator engine diesel oil quality is directly related to the influence of the normal operation of the excavator engine, the length of the operation efficiency and service life. The economic benefits of construction unit, construction schedule and safety production, etc. Every aspect has a direct influence. If the customer use of diesel quality is not up to standard, too much impurity can make incomplete combustion, cylinder indoor carbon deposit too much can cause excessive wear of piston ring and cylinder. 2. Hydraulic oil quality on the influence of excavator hydraulic system of hydraulic oil is the use of liquid pressure can be used the hydraulic system of hydraulic medium, plays an energy transfer in the hydraulic system, lubrication system, anticorrosive, antirust, cooling, etc. Hydraulic oil quality, not only affects the normal work of the engineering machinery, and can cause hydraulic system components of serious damage. According to the statistics data show that the various faults of hydraulic system, there are 60% ~ 70% related to the hydraulic oil. 3. Lubricating oil quality on the influence of the excavator so-called lubrication, is in relative motion between two contact surfaces add lubricant, so that the lubricating film formed between two friction surfaces, will direct contact with the surface of the separated, dry friction of the internal friction of the lubricant, reducing friction, reducing wear and tear, extending the service life of mechanical equipment. Inferior oil, not only has the damage of excavator engine rotational parts, such as crankshaft, connecting rod bearing shell connection parts. Once these parts have a little problem, will greatly shorten the service life of the engine. Lubricating oil diesel oil and hydraulic oil, oil is very important for the maintenance of drivers. When choosing all sorts of oil to dig the machinist must pay attention to identify advantages and disadvantages, especially beginners must beware of inferior hydraulic oil, engine oil, diesel oil, so as not to affect the use of the excavator.
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